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Answering a Reader Question #308

Candy Wrote: Hi Dania, I came across your blog when searching for tax information. I have been on the IRS site for hours and can't seem to find the form that I need to file as a freelance model working overseas. I have been reading quite a bit and have not found my answer, so I thought I would go ahead and ask you:) I read your blog on taxes that was written back in 2009. The only answer I was not able to find on that blog was what tax form was used to file your taxes. I hope you are able to help me:)  Hi, Candy! I hope I'm able to help you, too. :-) There is no specific tax form in order for you to file as a freelance model working overseas. As you may or may not know, in the USA, clients often ask models to fill out a W9, which allows them to then send the models they've worked with a 1099 form for their tax filing purposes for that year. However, in other countries, they operate very differently and forms like the W9 and 1099 may not even exist over

Interview with Paul Fisher About His New TV Show "Remodeled" on CW

I love my job because not only do I get to participate in fun shoots, shows and projects, I get to network with some amazing people. A while back I did a feature on Paul Fisher, who has represented some of the industry's top supermodels...well, he's back and with a new TV show that is actually premiering on the CW tomorrow, February 1 at 9PM (PST). "REMODELED" gives people an inside look into the industry from Paul's perspective as he and his crew aim to completely change the modeling world from the inside out. I had the opportunity to interview Paul and find out more about his mission and the steps he's taking to reach his goals... DD: After leading such a long, successful career in the modeling industry, why have you decided to take action now to change things? What prompted you to take things into your own hands through projects like "Remodeled?" PF: It was not an easy decision to allow the cameras into our business. I started on a journ

Modeling Scam Alert Update: They're Getting Smarter!!!

(If you haven't done so already, PLEASE read my blog post " Modeling Scam Alert " first, which will put this modeling scam alert update into better perspective for you.) Boy, I tell ya, these scammers are doing everything they can to entice gullible and naive models into bad situations. If you read my post about the Modeling Scam Alert, you'll know that these guys will do whatever they can to convince models that their assignment is legitimate, will give them tons of exposure and a huge paycheck. Well, they've stepped up their game--how do I know this? They "almost" got me. By that, I mean, my scammer spidey sense started tingling but I pursued the opportunity a bit further to make sure I was right. What really confirmed my suspicions was that the dummies actually tried to scam me twice...after receiving the first "reply offer" via email, a few days later I got another offer for a different modeling assignment BUT the body of the message

Latest Shoot: Dating Website

Last Saturday I had a shoot that definitely makes my list of "Most Fun Gigs." It was pretty much a lifestyle shoot. The images were for a new dating website (we won't know the actual name of the site until everything's ready to go), which focuses on the interracial dating niche. There were 8 models total: 4 girls, 4 guys. We were assigned our "significant others" that morning, although a few of us were switched around or photographed with more than one partner, to add variety. Call-time was 10AM in San Francisco, off the Embarcadero, which is right next to the water and the Bay Bridge. I was super excited that the weather was amazingly gorgeous--totally sunny and (for once) not bitterly windy. I arrived early as usual and eventually the models showed up one by one. I was happy that everyone was very social, outgoing and the time the production crew showed up, all the models felt like we'd known each other for years. I love it when that hap

Latest Fashion Show: Spring 2012 Bridal Season

This past Sunday was the first show of the Spring 2012 Bridal Season for the production company I've been working with for the past 2 years, Brocade Weddings. As always, there was a lot of changes as far as casting decisions, designer choices, etc. I helped the model coordinator with casting new faces for the season, which took place about a month ago so I was eager to see who ended up making the cut (I wasn't a part of the selection role was to take the models in small groups, introduce myself and explain what the bridal shows were all about. Then I demonstrated the type of "walk" the casting panel wanted to see, so that the models would know exactly what to expect when they went into the room to audition) . This season, the designer wanted to include more plus size brides (her boutique specializes in plus size fashions), so we had a really great mix of all heights, shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. After all, we're marketing the clothes to

Answering a Reader Question #307

Ashley Wrote: Dania, First off, great blog. My name is Ashley. I'm 21, five foot ten and within the standard parameters of a model. I have been told that I look like I am 16. Recently I sent some photos to a reputable agency and received a call back for an "interview". My concern is, do you think I would still be able to do runway at my age? It makes me nervous because I know runway is very competitive for african-american females. Thanks,  Hey, Ashley! Congrats on getting an agency interview! 22 is the maximum age for most fashion agencies so you just make the cut. That being said, I wouldn't consider you too old, especially if you look younger. Perhaps the only criticism you may receive is that you may be too "old" (I'm using that word VERY loosely) to begin a runway career. However, you shouldn't be too worried about that because as long as you are a fast learner, develop a great walk and have the right measurements and look th

Answering a Reader Question #306

Natalia Julianna Wrote: hi Dania my name is Natalia and im only 5'1" passion is modeling and i know i have tlent and the drive to succeed as a model...i cant find any agencies or talent scouts willing to give me a chance because i am so short !! do you have any advice or anytihng i can do to make it ? this is my dream and i dont want to let it go simply because I am not tall enough. Hi, Natalia! It is tough being a shorter model, especially at your height and I'm sorry that you haven't come across anyone willing to give you a shot so far. Freelance modeling will more than likely be your best bet. This allows you to act at your own agent by finding castings and gigs and submitting yourself to them directly. Many clients that hire freelance models have projects where the height requirement isn't so strict, which could give you more opportunities to look into. Being a freelance model is tough but not impossible. Below are links to blog posts I've

Answering a Reader Question #305

Maia Wrote: I am going to be modeling in a runway show where the proceeds go to fund a safehouse for people who have run away from human trafficking. I am modeling the finale look and have to pose with my wrists at 90 degrees (designer's choice) I have to have eight standing poses. Do you have ideas for me? Thanks so much. I love your blog. ps. the designer is trying to make black nails an awareness symbol of trafficking like the pink ribbon is an awareness symbol of breast cancer. Think you could pass this along? Hi there, Maia! That is a really great cause that you're participating in! I'll Tweet about it and spread the word about the black nail/trafficking awareness you mentioned (this post will also be public to my readers, which will also help spread the word). That's interesting that the designer wants you to do 8 poses with your wrists at 90 degrees...hmm...well, since it is a runawy show, you'll basically want to create dynamic poses by changing your

Answering a Reader Question #304

Anonymous Wrote: will i make it as a model ? im 5ft 6' and ive got braces ??? Hey, Anonymous! Your height and the fact that you have braces isn't enough info for me to tell you whether or not you could be a model. However, at your height, I can tell you that you'll want to look into agencies that have commercial/print modeling divisions. It's best to look up the websites of modeling agencies in your city/state and submit your photos/info or attend their open casting calls. Only the agencies themselves will be able to tell you for sure whether or not you have the potential to become a model with braces.

Quick Tip #36

Category: Castings For: Male & Female Models When you submit to a casting and are then asked to contact the client by phone, don't assume they'll know exactly who you are when they call. Clients that cast for modeling gigs are often juggling several projects at the same time and if they've never met or worked with you before, chances are they're going to need you to jog their memory. Don't take offense--that's just how it is sometimes and it isn't personal. When you call the client and they answer, greet them with your name but also add on where they should know you from. For example: "Hi, this is Dania Denise from the Model Mayhem casting for...[insert project name]" "Hi, this is Dania Denise...I applied for the lookbook shoot for...[insert project or designer name]" Adding that extra piece of info will help them remember who you are and why you're calling a lot faster. You don't want to have them guessing, w

Quick Tip #35

Category: Wardrobe For: Male & Female Models Anytime you are asked to provide your own wardrobe for a shoot, always ask the following questions if you're not already given the details beforehand: 1) What types of outfits should I bring? 2) How many changes/outfits will be needed? 3) Are there are colors, patterns or styles I should stay away from? The last thing you want to do is bring random wardrobe items that can't be used. Most times you'll be given instructions about wardrobe but if there's any doubt or if you're given vague info, asking the questions above will be very important.

Answering a Reader Question #303

Raya Wrote: Hi!!! Well I am aware that I can not wear a two piece bathing suit after having my baby. I have stretch marks on my stomach and butt. So my question is what kind of photos should I take to be considered for commerical print modeling ?  Hi there, Raya! Since you're aiming for commercial/print, you don't have to worry about showing a lot of skin. That being said, you can wear a pair of fitted jeans or shorts and a fitted tank top or tee shirt. No swimsuit necessary. :-) Make sure you wear solid colors that go well with your skin tone and avoid logos, brand names, busy patterns or distracting images. No shoes or socks either. Good luck to you!

Answering a Reader Question #302

Cara Wrote: my name is Cara and i'm 19, i've been trying to model for a couple years on the side, but sports injuries have kept getting in the way. now i am trying more actively, and all of my friends tell me i should model for VS. i've been looking into major as my agency. I'm 5'11 with 33-25-35 measurements and can actually walk in heels, the higher the better! any words of advice for me?  Hey, Cara! My best words of advice would be to submit to Ford and Elite in New York before Major. These two agencies are contracted to be the first places VS goes to scout their new faces from. Then they move on to the other big agencies. So go for Ford and Elite first. If you get signed to either one, then you're on your way. If they aren't interested, then submit to Major and see what happens. To increase your odds with the agencies, attend their open casting calls so you can be evaluated in person instead of them just judging you based on photos. Don't

Answering a Reader Question #301

Anonymous Wrote: Hi! I was wondering if you still have to work at Abercrombie Kids to be a model at Abercrombie Kids. And if so, how old must you be?  Hi, Anonymous! According to the Abercrombie Kids website, you have to be 17 years of age or older to work there, which is a requirement to be considered as a model and get info about their castings. If you're younger than 17 then you'll more than likely have to be a signed model to an agency that has Abercrombie Kids as one of its clients so that they'll already have contacts for the castings.

Answering a Reader Question #300

Demi Wrote: Hey Dania! I wanted to ask, because I'm not so good at searching agencies and what would best suit me. My height is 5'7 and i know that's only good enough for print modeling which makes it harder for me in what agency to look for. i live in West Covina and Rancho Cucamonga, CA and I am able to drive the distance to LA if there are none around me. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!  Hi, Demi! There aren't going to be agencies in West Covina and Rancho Cucamonga so you'll want to stick to commercial/print agencies in Los Angeles and other surrounding areas. Below are agencies you can check out that have this division (it may also be titled "lifestyle"): Ford LA *They have a commercial/print division and according to their website, their open calls for women ages 12-25 is for the height range 5'7"-5'11") I Model and Talent Siona Entertainmen

Answering a Reader Question #299

Anonymous Wrote: What is the level of importance of having knowledge of designers when going to open calls for top agencies? Should we at least have favorite designers? Also, is it morally wrong to want to be a model but not have a strong interest in fashion?  Hi, Anonymous! If you're trying to get signed to a top agency that represents fashion models, it is extremely helpful to have at least basic knowledge of designers and their work. You don't have to be an expert fashionista but at least recognize huge names like Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, Versace, etc. Agencies do like to ask potential models who their favorite designers are so if you need to brush up on your knowledge in this area, do this sooner than later. Don't just memorize names, make sure you know "why" you like certain designers. This doesn't require fancy terminology or anything--it can as simple as, "I really like how sleek and modern Vera Wang's dresses a

Quick Tip #34

Category: Castings For: Male & Female Models When it comes to attending castings for a modeling gig, if it is at all possible, do not volunteer to go first. Trust me on this one. Below are reasons why: 1) Being nervous is natural but if you volunteer to go first, that nervousness will double and could negatively impact your performance. 2) Most times you'll be able to watch other models audition, which allows you to "cheat" and already know what the client is going to ask you to do. 3) Waiting until a few other models go first gives you time to practice or at least have an idea of how you will do your casting/audition. Case & point: I went to a casting recently for a designer and another model got there around the same time as me but she had brought her son with her. The designer asked which of us wanted to go first and I almost volunteered but decided to let the other girl go since she had her kid with her. As it turns out, I was invited by the cas

First Shoot of 2012: Fashion & Beauty

I did my first shoot of 2012 earlier in the month but just got my CD with the images. I was very happy to be reunited with a local designer, Danielle Busque, who I had worked with about a year ago as she was developing her portfolio for her latest collection. I also brought on board my go-to makeup artist, Sophia Musto, since I knew she would take care of me. In order to find a photographer, I posted a casting call on Model Mayhem and was very lucky to have Paolo Diavolo reply. Danielle and I loved his portfolio and also the fact that he had a home studio with lights and all other kinds of photography equipment to get the effect needed. After a lot of back and forth email conversations, we set up a date, time frame and got the address of Paolo's studio. The designer had two pieces she wanted to shoot to complete her portfolio, which was a turquoise corset and a lovely dress that we simply referred to as "The Rose Dress." It was funny because The Rose Dress had been

Answering a Reader Question #298

Dominique Wrote: Hi Denise! I have got to say I am absolutely OBSESSED with your blog. This was exactly what I was looking for when I was surfing the Internet for a look inside what it's really like to be a model not some sketchy shows , bad YouTube videos or  company releases. And woohoo! I found it and girl am I hooked. I check up on this blog every few days just to see if there's a new post and I end up reading all of the new ones even if they're directed at male models haha. ( I hope I'm not getting annoying at this point) so I'll just get to the point , yes I am another one of those ( for lack of any other words) wannabe victoria's secret models that knows nothing about modeling. I know you're probably thinking to yourself Oh no, not again, haven't I answered everything VS related already??? and yes actually you have.  So I have submitted my plain photos to Elite and Ford just yesterday and in waiting on pins and needles here. I kn

Answering a Reader Question #297

Anonymous Wrote: Wow I am so glad I found this blog. Thank you so much for everything you're doing to help aspiring models! Here is my scenario: I am 18, 5'8 and have done some local modeling (local professional photographer - hired as a model for them, high school photography students...) and am moving to Southern California for college in August :) I definitely plan on pursuing modeling while in college. I'll be roughly the same distance from Beverly Hills & LA, and within driving distance of them. Any advice on agencies? I am hoping for Ford or Elite, but realize that some of their models' pictures are pretty risque (not just with them, but obviously with any agency) Would an unwillingness to take more "mature" pictures like these reduce my chances of being signed? I feel comfortable in a bathing suit, but there are pictures of Ford's models in their online portfolios that are topless,(you don't see anything but you can tell th

Answering a Reader Question #296

Chenoa Wrote: Hey Dania to piggy back of this post. Do you know if having acrylic and designs on nails is frowned upon?  Hey, Chenoa! :-) Having fancy acrylic nails and designs are typically frowned upon by agencies and clients because they are super distracting. This doesn't mean models can never have these on their nails but it is important to know that you'll be asked to arrive to castings and gigs with clean, natural nails. I've come across many modeling casting calls where the client will specifically state that models chosen must have clean, natural nails. Sometimes they allow for clear or light colored polish or a French manicure. If you model part-time or once in a while, this won't be as much of a concern but if you're heavily into modeling and are regularly attending castings and shoots, it's in your best interest to keep your nails more natural. If you do acrylics, opt for a cleaner look instead of a fancy one with designs, glitter or gems

Answering a Reader Question #295

Enovy Wrote: Hello Dania! I LOVE your blog! I've been reading all your posts so far and I learned many many things, thank you so much! So here is my question: How do you actually get to walk for well known brands like Versace, Chanel, Armani ect.. I mean there are SO many models which are with a good Modelling agency like IMG, Elite ect, but only very few girls of them get to walk for those brands. What do they actually do to get noticed by them? Connections? Luck?  Hello, Enovy! I LOVE that you LOVE my blog...and you are so welcome! :-D When it comes to situations like the ones you mentioned, the following are some of the main factors that allow some models to get these types of opportunities over others: - Agency: A model's agency is their direct "connection" to such brands. If the agency a model is signed with regularly works with those brands as a client there is already an established working relationship. This means they usually get first dibs

Quick Tip #33

Category: Email/Communications For: Male & Female Models When submitting to a casting, sometimes a person's specific name isn't available for you to use. For example, the casting may only contain the name of the company instead of their first and/or last name. Or they may reply back to your email and not end their message with their name. The email address itself may not even contain a person's name. But if it does , do not assume that is the name of the person sending you the email. Oftentimes, clients (including photographers) have assistants or other people using their account to correspond with models, which is not uncommon. What you want to avoid is using the wrong person's name when writing your reply message . When submitting to a casting via email, if you don't have a name to refer to, simply start your message with a salutation and then move on with writing the rest of your email (i.e. Hello, my name is ....). It isn't necessary to address yo

Answering a Reader Question #294

Anonymous Wrote: Hello! :) Well I'm 16 years old, Native American, and was thinking about doing " " have you heard of it? but I'm not sure yet. I've had people tell me that I should be a model, but I just always thought I couldn't do it. I can also get insecure sometimes, but people tell me otherwise, so maybe this could be a confidence booster. Any tips? I always thought it would be amazing to model though. :) They are asking for photos and stuff and I'm not sure on what type of poses, do you have any suggestions? By the way, I don't have any experience with modeling yet, so any tips for starters? Sorry for all the questions! Lol  Hi, Anonymous! I personally and professionally would not recommend doing ModelScouts simply because there is a more direct and free way of breaking into modeling, which would be to submit yourself directly to agencies--you don't need to pay a "middleman." ModelScouts is not a mod

Answering a Reader Question #293

FionaAlanna Wrote: This might be a bit of an odd question, but do they usually play music or something at photo-shoots? :]  Hi there, FionaAlanna! It's definitely not an odd question at all! :-) It is not uncommon for music to be playing during photoshoots. Oftentimes the photographer will have his/her iPod hooked up or will use Pandora. Or the model may bring their own music to play. It all depends but in general, music during shoots is welcome, especially since it prevents working in complete silence, which can be awkward and uncomfortable. Whenever I'm at a shoot and there isn't music, I'll politely ask the photographer/client if it's possible to get some music to play. They're usually more than happy to accommodate this. I actually create my own mix CDs of songs that get me into the right mood, depending on what the theme is. Posing to music is an awesome way of creating dynamic and great poses, as well as help models really let loose.