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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Shoot of 2012: Fashion & Beauty

I did my first shoot of 2012 earlier in the month but just got my CD with the images. I was very happy to be reunited with a local designer, Danielle Busque, who I had worked with about a year ago as she was developing her portfolio for her latest collection. I also brought on board my go-to makeup artist, Sophia Musto, since I knew she would take care of me. In order to find a photographer, I posted a casting call on Model Mayhem and was very lucky to have Paolo Diavolo reply.

Danielle and I loved his portfolio and also the fact that he had a home studio with lights and all other kinds of photography equipment to get the effect needed. After a lot of back and forth email conversations, we set up a date, time frame and got the address of Paolo's studio.

The designer had two pieces she wanted to shoot to complete her portfolio, which was a turquoise corset and a lovely dress that we simply referred to as "The Rose Dress." It was funny because The Rose Dress had been tried on by other models (who were traditional fashion height) and they could not fit into the dress properly. It appeared the dress was made just for me since no one else could get into it--guess it was meant to be, lol.

Below are the best shots from the shoot. This was a trade photoshoot, which means that no money was exchanged and everyone involved got to use the copies of the photos for their portfolios:

The shoot went off without a hitch and our crew put out some great images. Sophia hooked up the makeup as usual and Danielle had fun styling me and making sure the outfits were shown in the best way. It was our first time working with Paolo but it proved to be the perfect fit--not only was he professional, he was so sweet and had a great personality. He bought snacks and drinks for us so that we wouldn't get hungry during the shoot and everything we did was totally a collaborative effort. 

Additionally, while I had only asked for my favorite 5-6 images, he ended up mailing me a CD with every image not only retouched but properly resized for various uses (print, online, email, etc.). He definitely went above and beyond what we asked of him and I couldn't be happier with the results. I will be adding Paolo to my list of go-to photographers and can't wait to work with him in the near future.  

***Please note that these photos are copyrighted by Paolo Diavolo Photography. Any misuse, manipulation and/or use online or in print without proper credit to either the Modeling 101 blog or Paolo Diavolo Photography will result in legal action.***


Nilooooo! said...

Love Love LOVE the "rose dress"...and that green color is gorgeous too! You look great and so the dresses! :D

Unknown said...

Aww! Yes, getting the CD of all the images was defintely great! I'm so glad this shoot went amazingly! I would love to have the group again when I make more clothing! :)