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Monday, January 23, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #298

Dominique Wrote:

Hi Denise! I have got to say I am absolutely OBSESSED with your blog. This was exactly what I was looking for when I was surfing the Internet for a look inside what it's really like to be a model not some sketchy shows , bad YouTube videos or  company releases. And woohoo! I found it and girl am I hooked. I check up on this blog every few days just to see if there's a new post and I end up reading all of the new ones even if they're directed at male models haha. ( I hope I'm not getting annoying at this point) so I'll just get to the point , yes I am another one of those ( for lack of any other words) wannabe victoria's secret models that knows nothing about modeling. I know you're probably thinking to yourself Oh no, not again, haven't I answered everything VS related already??? and yes actually you have.  So I have submitted my plain photos to Elite and Ford just yesterday and in waiting on pins and needles here. I know I shouldn't be getting my hopes up or falling into a some anxiety attack because boy oh boy  the chances are so darn slim. I heard that if elite honestly wants you they reply to you in like a day , I'm not sure if that's true but if it is then wow I just blew it. I do have some ( more like a bagillion) extra questions

- does VS , Ford, Elite or any other modeling agency care about shoe size because I see these 5'9" models with like size 7 feet and. Think to myself how??? Do they just shove em in there or something? I'm at 5'8" and at a 9.5 and a size 10 shoe size ,  its kinda my secret but seemingly stupid insecurity- my big feet
-when I don't get signed to ford or elite not that I don't think I could handle it but I'm being realistic, is there any other route I can take to get VS?
-why do modeling agencies take eye color so seriously if there are contacts nowadays ( I know this is totally off topic but it just came to me and I'm really curious but I'm guessing it defies the whole natural beauty look lol)
-oh when I don't get into elite or ford would it be a bad idea to wait a year or two for myself to grow and mature ( I'm only 15 so maybe some cosmic big breast genes will kick in, haha) and then send in my new photos again? Can I maybe do it sooner or is a one shot per person type of deal?
-okay last thing my body ratio is 33( stupid 34A breasts) 26 (waist) and 35 (hips) I know that this isn't anywhere near VS standards but what can I actually change here to get to the ideal ratio if there is anything oh and what type of body shape would this be , no one has ever been able to tell me so they just say plank. Not sure if that's a shape but alrighty then.

Thank you so much
- with love Dominique

Hey, Dominique! I'm glad that my blog is helping you out...that makes me very happy! :-D

Now let's get you some answers to those questions!

It can take agencies up to 4-6 weeks to get back to models that they are interested in so while some may get back to potential models sooner, it's more common for it to take some time. If you haven't heard back from an agency after about 2-3 months, then you can safely assume they aren't interested in your look at the moment. I know waiting is the hardest part but everyone has to go through it!

You'll be happy to know that A LOT of models have big feet. So your shoe size won't be a problem at all. On shoots and during fashion shows, it is common to have tons of different shoes of all sizes available for the models to wear. However, there are times when your specific size may not be there, and models are known for having to squeeze into whatever fits. But for the most part, your feet won't be an issue.

If you don't happen to get signed to Elite or Ford in New York, you're next best bet would be to submit to the other high fashion agencies in New York. Getting representation from any of them and working your way up in terms of the types of gigs you get, will increase your exposure and help possibly catch the eye of VS within that market. Or if the agency you sign to has worked with VS before, they'll make sure to submit you to any of their castings for new faces.

You know, I never thought about the eye color thing. I don't particularly think eye color has anything to do at all with who they pick, although I will say that having a unique eye color does contribute to that "exotic" look that many VS models have. But you have to remember that a lot of the VS models have been Brazilian or European of some kind so that's why they happen to have unique eye colors. It's not a requirement though so if your eyes aren't some alluring shade, it won't count against you.

That fact that you're 15 and have submitted to Ford and Elite, won't make you eligible for VS modeling anyway until you're 18. So if you're lucky, they'll sign you on for regular fashion/runway work or commercial/print if you aren't tall enough. So if you don't hear back from Ford or Elite right now, it only makes sense to submit to them again for VS once you turn 18. Otherwise, they're not even going to put you and lingerie modeling into the same category since you're underage.

To answer your last question, it is VERY important that you not try to alter anything about your body through extreme diet or exercise because you are still young and not done fully developing physically. Many young girls make the mistake of dieting a certain way or working out in order to get the same body as an adult woman--it's not supposed to be that way. You are a teen and it is vital that you just let nature take its course and see how your body develops naturally in the next few years. Doing otherwise could put your health in jeopardy and may even disrupt your proper growth cycle, which is never good. As far as your body shape, you sound like a rectangular body shape, which is also known as a "straight" body type. This describes a figure that isn't super curvaceous and doesn't have a defined waist.

Be happy with yourself as you are right now...you've got 3 years before you can even consider doing lingerie modeling. Right now submit to agencies for the regular categories of modeling--if you get lucky enough to find representation, you'll be well on your way to starting your career and building experience so that by the time you're legally able to submit yourself to agencies for VS, you'll already have a solid resume and portfolio to show them.


Anonymous said...

What is the level of importance of having knowledge of designers when going to open calls for top agencies? Should we at least have favorite designers? Also, is it morally wrong to want to be a model but not have a strong interest in fashion?

Demi said...

Hey Dania! I wanted to ask, because I'm not so good at searching agencies and what would best suit me. My height is 5'7 and i know that's only good enough for print modeling which makes it harder for me in what agency to look for. i live in West Covina and Rancho Cucamonga, CA and I am able to drive the distance to LA if there are none around me. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #299." Thanks for reading!

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Demi! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #300." Thanks for reading!