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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #284

Ericka Wrote:

Hey Dania! I have a question about FORD. I noticed you have applied and got in in the past so I would like a few pointers :/ I'm stuck on what to put for the "Why do you want to become a FORD model" segment of the application. Is that a trick question? are they looking for specific answers from people? What did you put on there? haha thank you I just need help getting past that part :) 

Hi, Ericka! To be honest, I didn't get into FORD the way regular models do. I was already signed to an agency and when FORD opened a new office in the San Francisco market, they merged with my agent and brought me on board automatically (not something that is normally done). So I got super lucky, lol.

But rest assured the "Why do you want to become a FORD model" question is not a trick question. There are "stereotypical" answers that many people probably use and that's definitely not what you want to do. They're not looking for specific answers from people--they want to truly know how interested you are in modeling and why you think they would be the best fit.

Of course I can't tell you what to write but if it was me, I would ideally write something mentioning how successful and well known FORD is and that I would only want to be signed to the best agency that could help me achieve my modeling goals. I'd also add something in briefly about how my positive character traits would be a great contribution to their agency.

If it helps, jot down a list of random reasons why you would want to model with FORD--don't think about it, just write it down. Then look over what you wrote and narrow it down to 2-3 things that you could briefly write about on the form. There's nothing wrong with writing a rough draft and then walking away from it for a few hours and then re-reading it so that you can see if you really like what you wrote, or make changes.

Above all, answer honestly and make it unique to your situation and you as a person. :-)

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