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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #289

Anonymous Wrote:

hi dania, i love your blog, it's great and really informative. i live in australia in a small town and
there are no modelling agencies around where i live
(ive checked) i was wondering how i could possibly get into doing some modelling cause it looks like something i would really like to do. i am 14 so i cannot travel much, so ging to the cities isnt really an option for me. what do you think? 

Hey, Anonymous! Thank you for the kind words about my blog!!!

Hmmm...it seems you have quite a dilemma. You have to be where the modeling agencies and clients are or else pursuing modeling won't be a realistic opportunity for you. Because you're young and aren't able to travel on your own, I don't think this is going to be possible for you at this time--at least until you're either old enough to drive or able to travel more.

The closest option would be to do an online search for professional photographers in your town and seeing if they would be open to doing a free test shoot with you. You'd be able to check their professional portfolio/website to see if they do quality work as well. That would allow you to do some modeling and gain experience doing a photoshoot at least. But if your goal is to get an agent and pursue it more seriously, you'll have to be willing to travel to the cities where the agencies are and/or relocate there.

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