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Male Models & Tattoos

(In case you haven't already, you can get my overall viewpoint on the subject by clicking HERE for a previous blog post about tattoos and piercings in modeling.) Ah, tattoos. Although more women these days are sporting ink, this form of body art is still very much associated with the male physique. Some people find tattooed fellas absolutely irresistible. Others may not care for them at all. From time to time in my career I've been asked by photographers and clients if there are any male models I could refer them to for certain projects. One of the male models I used to refer has a lot of tattoos (on his chest, stomach, arms and even all over his back). He has a great look, amazing body and is experienced. Unfortunately, to this day, anytime I refer him, the feedback I always get is exactly this: "We would love to work with him but he's got all those tattoos. We can't use him." That's been my experience but there is certainly a much larger scale