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Why "Conservative" and "Modeling" Don't Go Together

(This post is not specifically addressed to any reader in particular but is a basic response to the topic overall.) From time to time I get comments from readers, stating their concerns that certain modeling pictures can be seen as "slutty" or may give the model a "bad rep", among others. Such comments really irk me because these kinds of statements can negatively influence an aspiring model, which could result in having him/her decide to not pursue the a modeling career--not to mention that oftentimes such statements come from people who themselves are not actually in the business. The stance I take on such matters is from a business standpoint, which is the tone I'm going to take while writing this particular post. I must say that not all modeling requires being sexy or wearing next to nothing. There are different fields of modeling to choose from and your height, look and stats will be the main determining factors as to which one you'll be the most

Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) Part III

(This last post in the series addresses male models that specialize in the high fashion and editorial fields.) While commercial/print couple shoots involve some romance and intimate moments, high fashion and editorial couple shoots take the sex appeal to an entirely new level. Being a male model in these fields means being confident, working well with female models and being comfortable with getting really up close and personal. Sex sells, plain and simple and the industry continues to use--if not exploit--this in order to sell their clothes, accessories, fragrances, etc. If you are interested in being a male model and want to pursue high fashion and editorial work, you'll have to throw all caution to the wind and know how to turn on your sexy persona in front of the camera. So what does this mean when working with a female model? I will say that my approach to this topic is one that is solely from a business standpoint. As I've stated many times before, being a model i

A Quick Note About Modeling & Pay Rates

(This post is for freelance models. The type of modeling work mentioned in this post are for cases where you are paid in cash or by check at the end of the shoot.  If the client wants to pay you at a later date make sure you have every means of contact info possible: phone, email, address where they do business--if applicable--so that you can make sure they stay true to their word of paying you after the shoot is over and/or remind them to pay you if you have not heard from them or received payment.) The subject of pay rates is always mentioned when it comes to modeling, especially for new models that are trying to establish their careers. I've done posts in the past about this topic and ones related to it but wanted to also briefly mention the types of pay rates you may come across while submitting for modeling assignments. Learning what you should charge as a model is one thing but there are also those instances where the pay rates for certain modeling gigs will already b

Modeling On Location: Prepare for Looky Loos

I was reminiscing about some of the shoots I've done over the years and they inspired me to do a post about the topic of having spectators present while shooting on location. Everybody is nosy--don't lie to yourself, you know you've been guilty of it at one time or another. One thing you'll quickly learn while pursuing your modeling career (male or female) is that when it comes to working outdoors, some people just don't know how to act. Whether it is a photographer's camera or a video camera shooting a film, commercial or other related project, the appearance of any kind of "media" always gets people's attention. As a model it is wise to learn how to accept this as yet another part of the territory that comes with modeling and take it in stride. Parks, shopping centers, sidewalks and other similar venues are wonderful places to do shoots because you have a lot to work with. Unlike working in a studio, you often cannot help the presence of th

Answering a Reader Question #93

Amanda Wrote: Hey Dania!. I read your post about modeling with braces, and since a lot of people think I look good with braces, I thought I could deal with that later. But my question is, do you think I have the right body for modeling? I'm 13-14, 5'9 ft., weigh 110 but most people assume I weigh 95-100, and I wear nighttime contacts, so my eyesight won't bother me during the day. But the two things I'm worried about are, 1) that I'm really on the pale side because of, 2) I have freckles and my skin is very sensitive to sunlight. I don't think I've ever seen a model with freckles, and I don't know if an agency would be willing to hire me, especially in south Florida, because I stick out like a sore thumb with my pale skin. What do you think? Please answer!! =)  Hi, Amanda, and thanks for the questions. First, your height and weight sound ideal for fashion/runway/editorial, although I don't know your measurements. If you are in the b

Craigslist Alert: Spotting a Scam

Modeling scams have been around forever but being an avid Internet user I have noticed that certain ones tend to come in waves--they disappear for a while then all of a sudden pop back up. For models searching for work using sites like Craigslist, I just wanted to point out a recent scam I came across in the hopes of preventing anyone from falling prey. If you're already familiar with this particular scam then you're already ahead of the game but if not, please check out this post and be on the lookout (also let your other fellow models know in case they aren't aware). Needless to say, Craigslist has gone downhill pretty fast over the past few years. Although there are still a few legitimate modeling opportunities to be found in the "Talent" section under the "Gigs" category, many are simply crap disguised as a potential modeling assignment. Perhaps what I dislike the most about searching for modeling gigs on Craigslist lately is the huge amount of

Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) Part II

(This second part of the series "Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) is going to focus on male models in the commercial/print field. The third post in this series will address male models working in the fashion/editorial field.) Commercial/print is a completely different world than that of high fashion and editorial modeling. While the latter types of modeling focus on selling designer clothing, brand-name accessories and the like, commercial/print focuses on selling products, concepts and ideas to the average, everyday consumer. The nature of commercial/print shoots is not as stylized or sexual as fashion and editorial so if you're a guy who is nervous about being so close to a female model, rest assured you won't have to deal with being super touchy feeling with your "co-worker". Not all print shoots are the same in theme or concept, although there are some factors that you'll commonly run across. The roles male print

Dania Denise - Lifestyle Images

I was able to get a hold of more images from recent lifestyle shoots I've done so I decided to have some fun and make them into collages and share them here. I've also included one of the stock images that was actually chosen for publication to accompany an article on the website (you can see the original article and image here: How to Fit Into Dress Codes in the Workplace ). =) Enjoy!

Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) Part I

Many aspiring male models get excited by the thought of getting to pose with beautiful female models. However, there is more to this part of the industry than the mere fantasy of the situation. For male models, having strong shots in your portfolio showcasing your ability to pose with a female model plays a crucial part in the strength of your modeling work. Having the right couple images will make you stand out among the competition and show clients that you are capable of delivering the pictures they want for their product, whatever that may be. But how do you go about initiating the steps towards not only working with a female model but ensuring that the experience is a positive one that you will both benefit from? There are a couple of ways to go about this and while there are always the exceptions to the rule, horror stories and other uncommon occurrences, I am going to talk in general terms about the process. If you happen to have s

Answering a Reader Question #92

Anonymous Wrote: my girl friend wants to be a abercrombie fitch models, do you have any suggestion? Hi, Anonymous. As the post you commented on states, ( Do You Want to Be an Abercrombie & Fitch Model? ), your girlfriend will have to actually get hired at the local Abercrombie & Fitch store. So have her head over to the mall, shopping center or other location where there is an A&F so that she can fill out an employee application. If she has the right look and meets their other qualifications, she'll get hired and that will be her first step towards being considered for A&F's modeling opportunities and print campaigns.

Male Models Choose Your Lady!

(This post works for both male models with agency representation and freelancers but will be of most use to freelance male models.) Don’t worry, the title of my post doesn’t mean that I’m starting a match-making service or pitching the latest reality TV hit. The point of this post is to highlight the importance of having female models in a male model’s portfolio. Regardless of what kind of modeling you plan on specializing in, having a female counterpart in your work is essential. Of course there will be a time when you’ll have to work with male models as well but for the most part it is male/female couple images that make for some of the best pictures in your portfolio. It also showcases your strengths when it comes to chemistry and selling the product in question. For male models just starting out it is important that you obviously focus on creating images that highlight yourself as a model: look, style, versatility, etc. If you get

The Importance of Booking Out

(This post is for agency represented models and does not apply to freelance models). "Booking out" is an industry term for letting your agent know which dates/times you are not available for castings, shoots, etc. While most agencies operate in their own way, the concept of booking out is an important one that all agency represented models should take seriously. As you may or may not know, being signed to an agency means being ready to attend a casting or modeling assignment at the drop of a dime. Oftentimes you can expect your agent to notify you of a casting with less than 24 hour's notice. Because of this, it is crucial that you keep your agent up to date on your weekly availability. Booking out was created to prevent agencies from submitting you to a casting or gig that you cannot make it to. Nothing is worse than telling a client/casting director that a model they have submitted suddenly won't be showing up because you are not able to attend. In this situ