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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Male Models Choose Your Lady!

(This post works for both male models with agency representation and freelancers but will be of most use to freelance male models.)

Don’t worry, the title of my post doesn’t mean that I’m starting a match-making service or pitching the latest reality TV hit. The point of this post is to highlight the importance of having female models in a male model’s portfolio. Regardless of what kind of modeling you plan on specializing in, having a female counterpart in your work is essential.

Of course there will be a time when you’ll have to work with male models as well but for the most part it is male/female couple images that make for some of the best pictures in your portfolio. It also showcases your strengths when it comes to chemistry and selling the product in question.

For male models just starting out it is important that you obviously focus on creating images that highlight yourself as a model: look, style, versatility, etc. If you get signed to an agency, you’ll have a helping hand in establishing your portfolio and getting your foot in the door. Freelance male models, however, will have to take a more direct, hands-on approach to marketing themselves via their book (remember, that’s model lingo for a model’s hard copy portfolio).

Being able to take fantastic solo photos is great but you can’t deny that having a stellar image of yourself alongside a female model can take your portfolio and modeling abilities to the next level. Think about many of the editorial ads you see for male models in the high fashion and editorial industry—many of them involve having the men paired up with women.

In fact, couple photos are among my favorite types of modeling images to both create and view in publications. Nothing sells like the chemistry between a male and female model, in my opinion…especially when it’s done right.

On the flip side, aspiring male models that want to make the cut in the print modeling field can also greatly benefit from having images where they are posing with female models. While the nature of the shoots won’t exactly be as steamy as, say, a CK cologne advertisement, there are many instances where a print male model can’t pull off a certain image alone.

For example, print male models take on a variety of “roles”, which can be similar to being an actor playing a part. Men in the print world not only play the solo role, they may also be called upon to be a family man or the romantic interest, which means you’ll have to pose with a female model that will have to play the part of your wife, fiancĂ©e, girlfriend, etc.

From walking hand in hand, cuddling in bed, capturing intimate moments (little kisses, hugs, gazing into each other's eyes) or even shopping with the wife and kids, male models in this part of the modeling industry should include these types of lifestyle images in their portfolios. Telling a client you are capable of pulling off such images without any proof to back it up will leave you in the dust of your competition.

The bottom line: check out different types of couple images according to the style/nature of the modeling you want to do and arrange for test shoots with female models in order to get similar images for your portfolio. It is helpful if the female model is someone you have worked with before or know personally but if you can manage to generate great chemistry from working with someone for the first time, go for it.

Remember, chemistry in front of the camera is essential to pulling off the final product. If you’re concerned about violating anyone’s comfort zones, being too aggressive/not aggressive enough, etc. don’t worry, I’ll be making another post with tips male models can use to make sure each couple shoot they set up is a success.

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Anonymous said...

All you need to do is be careful that she doesn't have a boyfriend, husband, or fiance who is very jealous, possessive, and territorial. Because, chances are, the other guy in her life may interfere with your shoots and threaten violence against you, which can be dangerous. If he does, call the police immediately or tell someone you know and trust.