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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) Part II

(This second part of the series "Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) is going to focus on male models in the commercial/print field. The third post in this series will address male models working in the fashion/editorial field.)

Commercial/print is a completely different world than that of high fashion and editorial modeling. While the latter types of modeling focus on selling designer clothing, brand-name accessories and the like, commercial/print focuses on selling products, concepts and ideas to the average, everyday consumer.

The nature of commercial/print shoots is not as stylized or sexual as fashion and editorial so if you're a guy who is nervous about being so close to a female model, rest assured you won't have to deal with being super touchy feeling with your "co-worker".

Not all print shoots are the same in theme or concept, although there are some factors that you'll commonly run across. The roles male print models are required to play include: husband, boyfriend/fiance and even father/head of the family. Because we are talking about modeling with a female model, we'll leave the family man scenario with the children out of this post.

While there are modeling projects that may require you to be solo, many of them will involve shooting with a female model who will play your significant other. The scenarios/situations you will be taking part in will require you to assume your role--very much like an actor does. Just as the woman by your side has to pretend to be your wife/girlfriend/fiancee, you have to do the same.

If you're worried about being close to someone you don't know or are worried about a jealous real-life significant other, I'll tell you right now that you'll need to leave those concerns at the door. Working with a female model is a part of your job description as a model--it comes with the territory. In the case of print male models, your interaction with your co-star will deal with real world situations and nothing raunchy.

Typical physical interactions with a female model for a commercial/print shoot include, but are not limited to: holding hands, hugging, her head on your chest/shoulder, light kisses (pecks on the cheek for example--not making out), gazing into each other's eyes while holding each other close and cuddling (on a couch, bed, etc.). Remember, you are creating an image of a couple in love, enjoying everyday activities and events with each other.

As far as commercial/print goes, that is about the extent of the physical contact you will have to do with your female counterpart. The only exception I would see to this situation would be if the shoot, while commercial in nature, has to involve more intimate shots--sometimes stock photography requires this. In these instances you may have to actually kiss your partner on the mouth, hold each other a bit closer, etc. But rest assured, the images will be PG, especially since such pictures will ultimately be used to advertise towards mainstream audiences.

As a male model, you are responsible for selling the image the client wants. For that moment in time, the female model is your girlfriend/wife/fiancee so use your acting skills and bring that natural chemistry in front of the camera. It really is just pretend and if the woman you are modeling with is professional and experienced, she'll make your job easy.

It isn't uncommon for two models to work together for the first time but end up talking and interacting as if they have known each other their whole lives by the end of the shoot. So have fun with it, give the shoot your all and bring those couple images to life for the benefit of the camera.


Amanda said...

Hey Dania!. I read your post about modeling with braces, and since a lot of people think I look good with braces, I thought I could deal with that later. But my question is, do you think I have the right body for modeling? I'm 13-14, 5'9 ft., weigh 110 but most people assume I weigh 95-100, and I wear nighttime contacts, so my eyesight won't bother me during the day. But the two things I'm worried about are, 1) that I'm really on the pale side because of, 2) I have freckles and my skin is very sensitive to sunlight. I don't think I've ever seen a model with freckles, and I don't know if an agency would be willing to hire me, especially in south Florida, because I stick out like a sore thumb with my pale skin. What do you think?

Please answer!! =)

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Amanda, thanks for the question! You'll find your answer in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #93." Thanks for reading!