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Answering a Reader Question #76

Anonymous Wrote: um i m 14 and i went to this agency and they said that they cant do a photoshoot wit my braces on they said i had great looks and i should come back when i get them off:( well idk i m just kinda confused cuz i want to start my modelling career as soon as possible:) reply back thanks:) Hey, Anonymous! To clear up the confusion, the agency likes your look but will only work with you after you have gotten your braces off. So for now you won't be able to do any modeling work with them, including photoshoots, until your braces come off. Unfortunately, there is no way around that. Even though you may want to start your career asap, as my post "Modeling with Braces" stated, there isn't much you can do since the demand for models with braces isn't high. You're more marketable to an agency if you have your braces off. So in your situation you have one of two options: 1) Wait until your braces come off and then contact the agency in or

Can't Be a Model? Check Out Modeling Related Jobs

Not everyone can become a model--that much I'm sure you all know by now. Even though it may seem like the world has fallen apart if you have discovered this truth for yourself, there are still ways you can be involved in the industry. Oftentimes those that want to do modeling also have similar interests that relate to modeling like fashion, photography, etc. If modeling is not in the stars for you, check out these related career fields that will give you an opportunity to see how the industry works and be a main player in it--even if it's not in front of the camera or on a catwalk. Booking Agent: Can't get signed to a modeling agency? Why not work for one! Bookers are the people responsible for organizing the go-sees, castings and shoots for the agency's models. Most bookers are assigned to work with specific models and you'll act as their go-to person. You'll be dealing directly with clients, casting directors, photographers, etc. and submitting the ri

Answering a Reader Question#75

Marla Wrote: What's the font you used? It's pretty!  Hey, Marla! Thanks for the question. For those of you that are wondering what she is referring to, Marla is asking what font I used to create my comp/zed card, which can be seen at the following post: My Updated Comp/Zard Card To answer your question, the font I used is called Bradley Hand ITC.

The Importance of Contact Numbers

Whether you are a freelance model or have an agent, you have a lot of responsibilities. In essence, you are representing yourself as a business person and as such, you'll be coming into contact with all kinds of people: photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, clients, etc. If there's been one thing that's saved my life on a number of occasions when it comes to modeling assignments, it's having the right contact numbers. Anytime you have a casting, go-see or actual shoot, make sure you don't leave the house without at least one contact number for someone that you'll be working with. As soon as you get the information about where the gig is taking place, write down the number or save it in your phone. Most of the time you'll receive your instructions for a modeling assignment via email--make sure there is a contact number of some kind that you can use in case something comes up: running late, get lost, get in an accident, can'

Answering a Reader Question #74

Anonymous Wrote: Thank you for answering my question! I am located in the Dallas area. I know that the Kim Dawson agency has a commercial/print division. Do you know of any other reputable agencies in the area (or Austin or Houston) that do as well? Is the Campbell Agency any good? I understand if you don't know, since you're not from the area, but I just thought I'd ask! Thanks again! -Melissa Hi, Melissa! Below you'll find reputable agencies in the Dallas and Austin area that represent commercial/print models. Check out their websites and you'll find all the information you'll need to know about submitting yourself. Unfortunately, since I am not from the area I don't personally know of anyone that is signed with these agencies. As long as they are welcoming and don't try to make you pay for any upfront fees or classes, you should be good. Most times they should state on their websites that they do not charge any fees to be signed to their agency

Answering a Reader Question #73

Anonymous Wrote: I read your blog all the time! It's really great. You have definitely given me a good insight into the industry. My dream has always been VS, but at 5'6 1/2, I'm too short. I'd like to get into print/commercial though. Do you think that is possible with my height? Also, how do you get into bridal modeling specifically? Like for wedding magazines and bridal runway shows? Are the requirements the same as fashion/runway? Do you have to be with an agency? Hey, Anonymous! Thanks for the kind words and for being a reader of my blog, I really appreciate it! Good questions, too. Let's see if I can get ya some answers. =) At your current height, you are ideal for commercial/print work, so that's in your favor. Definitely look into modeling agencies that represent commercial/print models and submit your photos or attend casting calls. Bridal modeling is its own special sub category that does not always fall under the same requirements as high f

Answering a Reader Question #72

Anonymous Wrote:  Hi. i'm interested in being a fashion model. i wouldn't mind not walking runways, but i do want to travel the world (milan, paris, new york, etc.) to do shoots for top designers. i'm not sure if this part of fashion/runway model. anyways i'm 18, i'm going to turn 19 in october. i realized i want to be model right when i turned 18 so i started on clearing my skin. my doctor gave retin-a and he said my face will have to get worse before it gets better:( so it's not april and my face is clear except from ACNE SCARS :( my doctor said with continous treatment they should be gone by july. however if i sign to a local agency to get some work so i can transfer to a big agency like Ford, will i be too old. i feel like i would be 20 by then after all the work. sry this is so long, i'm just wondering with all the baby steps i have to take, will 19-20 (i'm guessin) be too old for the kind of modeling i want to do in new york. i'm 5'8 b

Bridal Season: So Much Fun!

For the past month or so I've been doing bridal fashion shows. I've been having so much fun wearing the most gorgeous wedding gowns and party dresses. The model coordinator for the shows uses the same team of models so I get to work with the same people. Of course there are times when not everyone can make it to the shows so in those instances new models are recruited. It's a lot of fun once you get to know the other models and you eventually end up becoming a family unit of sorts. Two months before the first show I had to go in to the designer's shop in order to pick my dresses and get fitted. I chose two very lovely wedding gowns with long trains, one party dress and two bridesmaid dresses (one is a really pretty dress that can also double as a dress you'd wear to a fancy dinner, while the other one is the stereotypical horrid bridesmaid dress lol). Our call time is usually between 8:30am - 9:00am and although hair and makeup is taken care of when we get

Lifestyle & Mature Modeling

You may or may not have heard the term "lifestyle" and "mature" when it comes to modeling. These fields are very in demand in the industry and typically fall under the commercial/print category. As the name implies, "lifestyle" modeling describes images of models doing everyday activities. From talking on the phone to shopping, these kinds of gigs cast for men and women that are usually in their 20s, 30s and even 40s. You can think of lifestyle modeling images as a candid look into someone's life (only staged with a professional photographer and experienced models haha). Oftentimes, these kinds of projects need families and will cast for male and female lifestyle models that look like they could be parents. Of course the child and teen models are also cast to complete the rest of the family. Other projects cast for couples to do a variety of activities from walking and holding hands to cuddling and eating dinner or even checking email together.

Answering a Reader Question #71

Anonymous Wrote: hi i was just wanting to know i want to get started in modeling but i'm not sure if wilehemina moldeling is right for me i think i might start there could you help me out? Wilhelmina is one of the top modeling agencies that has been around for decades. If you meet the requirements and feel you would have a shot at getting signed, being with Wilhelmina is a great way to get started in the industry. Even if you do not have any experience they will train you and teach you everything you'll need to know--and at no charge. Go for it and good luck!

Why Agency Kickbacks are a No-No

For the record: the only way modeling agencies are able to make money legally is by taking a commission out of each gig they book for their models. This is why I repeatedly state why it is important that you avoid agencies that require any type of upfront payment before offering you a contract. However, this has not stopped some agencies (even the legitimate ones for the most part), from doing stuff under the table or in a way that won't get them in trouble. Agency kickbacks are one of them. Here's how a typical kickback works: Step 1: The agency signs a new model with no upfront fees or other funny stuff. Harmless enough. Step 2: They tell the model that she/he must organize photoshoots in order to build their portfolio. The agency will give the model a list of recommended photographers that they encourage the model to work with. Step 3: The model works with one of the agency's recommended photographers and pays for the cost of the shoot, makeup artist, stylist

Different Types of Promotional Modeling

There are a variety of sub-categories in the modeling industry, including promotional modeling. While not known as the most interesting or credible part of the modeling world, this has not stopped many men and women from seeking work in this field. If you enjoy meeting new people, are great at selling a product or idea and want to experience something different, then you should give promotional modeling a shot. For general information about this type of modeling, check out my blog post on the subject: Promotional/Tradeshow Modeling There are even sub-categories in promotional modeling, such as regular promo modeling, retail modeling and brand ambassador/spokesmodeling. Regular promotional modeling involves handing out promotional/marketing materials and free samples to customers as well as educating people about the company you are representing. This usually takes place at tradeshows, conventions and other related venues. For that event you are the face of the company and are r

Answering a Reader Question #70

The_Success_Queen Wrote: Hi, Just wanted to say how useful this info is to me. I am also searching for information on Promotional and Retail modeling.  Hello, and thanks for the comment and for being a reader! If you are looking for information related to Promotional & Retail Modeling, you should check out these links (one is a post I did about Promotional/Tradeshow Modeling and the other is a link to a company that specializes in hiring promo/staff models for all kinds of events, including retail modeling at stores): Tradeshow/Promotional Modeling Intro to Promo Modeling; Kandu Marketing & Staffing, LLC I also plan on doing more posts related to retail modeling and the more specific events in the promotional modeling world so be on the lookout for those.

Answering a Reader Question #69

Anonymous Wrote: Hey im stephanie:) im only 15 but ive been looking at modeling for a while now. Ive always thought Victoria's Secret Models were by far the best:) I was wondering if i would fit the criteria, Im 5'8", my measurements are 32-25-35, long brown hair and long legs, im just a plain american girl, not anything exotic, haha:)oh and im sorta fair skinned, not too tan.  Hi, Stephanie! Based on your height, measurements (make sure you maintain your waist and hip size since that is the maximum) and physical description, you sound like you fit the requirements for a VS model. Once you reach the age of 18 you'll want to look into getting signed to a top fashion agency in the New York market if you want to seriously be considered as a VS model. Ford and Elite are among the top agencies that new VS models are contracted out of as well as other top agencies in the area. Of course at your current height, you can pursue fashion and runway modeling if you wan