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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #69

Anonymous Wrote:

Hey im stephanie:) im only 15 but ive been looking at modeling for a while now. Ive always thought Victoria's Secret Models were by far the best:) I was wondering if i would fit the criteria, Im 5'8", my measurements are 32-25-35, long brown hair and long legs, im just a plain american girl, not anything exotic, haha:)oh and im sorta fair skinned, not too tan. 

Hi, Stephanie! Based on your height, measurements (make sure you maintain your waist and hip size since that is the maximum) and physical description, you sound like you fit the requirements for a VS model. Once you reach the age of 18 you'll want to look into getting signed to a top fashion agency in the New York market if you want to seriously be considered as a VS model. Ford and Elite are among the top agencies that new VS models are contracted out of as well as other top agencies in the area. Of course at your current height, you can pursue fashion and runway modeling if you want, even at your age...just no lingerie! LOL. Good luck to you!

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