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YouTube Video: Dania Denise Modeling FAQ 5: "What is a Freelance Model?"

Submitting to Modeling Agencies vs. Applying to Jobs

What I love about mentoring and coaching models is that I get to stay on top of what the most pressing concerns and challenges are for them, ultimately, allowing me to be mindful of what blog post topics I want to make sure to address here. This is one of those posts. I want to point out that when I talk about agencies, I prefer to use the word "submit" and "submission(s)" instead of "applying." My reason for this is because I don't want newbie models and those just getting into the industry to have the misconception that submitting to agencies is like applying for a job. Are they similar? Yes. Similar enough to be treated/talked about the same way? Not exactly. The Submission/Application Method Both agencies that sign models and companies that hire employees have their own respective submission/application methods. However, for models it is different compared to the average Joe/Jane looking for a 9-5 job. Models don't go to the agency

Dania Denise Guest Blog for Ms Curvaceous UK

I've had the great opportunity to be a guest blogger for the wonderful organization, Ms Curvaceous UK. This group of dedicated professionals is committed to putting plus size models on the map in all aspects, not just the immediate industry. They host free workshops and various events that allow all aspiring plus size gals to follow their modeling dreams, while at the same time, educating the world about the importance of not labeling what should be defined as "beautiful" or "perfect" based on dress size alone. I'll be contributing various guest blog posts to their website, MS CURVACEOUS UK , as well as sharing the highlights of their events and the models who are a part of them on my own blog. After learning about MCUK's mission, I was more than happy to be on board and help spread the word. I hope you all take a moment to visit MCUK's site and learn about what they're trying to do. It would be super cool if the US had its own version

Hi Res & Low Res Images: Why They Matter for Modeling Portfolios

This post will be of the most use to freelance models, as well as newbies learning about the importance of photography and modeling portfolios. We all know that models can't go very far in their careers without a portfolio...and you can't have a portfolio without photos. With the popularity of the Internet, a lot of things have changed in the modeling world to accommodate for new technology and its benefits. This includes portfolio images and the way they are used. If you're an aspiring model, you may or may not already be familiar with terms like "hi res" and "low res" when it comes to photos. Of course, with everyone being so snap happy with Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, chances are these terms aren't completely alien but as it applies to modeling portfolios, it is important to know what "hi res" and "low res" means and how it should be used. Let's get the easy stuff out of the way first: " Hi res " me

Don't Understand Your Modeling Contract? Tips You Should Follow BEFORE Signing

Ah, the almighty modeling contract. Obtaining agency representation is the ultimate goal for a majority of those that want to get into the industry professionally and having a contract secured is the first step towards reaching those goals. However, one of the biggest mistakes newbies can make is signing without understanding what they're agreeing to. Some of the worst cases I've heard from those who have reached out to me for advice and assistance have to do with contracts. I feel so bad for those individuals because 9 times out of 10, I can't really help them at all because it's all after the fact . Folks, signing on that dotted line is a serious business decision and obligation. This applies to underage models as well, namely, the parents. Once you've put that signature down, the options for trying to get out of the contract are dramatically decreased. Models get "stuck" in contracts all the time but I hope this post will prevent this from happeni

How "Special Skills" Applies to Modeling

Whether you're a freelance model or agency represented, if you've had a bit of experience in modeling and have attended castings and go-sees, chances are you've filled out your share of paperwork. In order for clients to make their final selections for bookings, it helps if they know a bit more about the models up for consideration. Aside from filling out a sign-in sheet, many castings also have models fill out and submit a brief questionnaire that contains basic information such as statistics/measurements, contact info and level of experience. However, you may have also noticed a section that asks you to list any "Special Skills." What Are Special Skills? Sometimes included in the section of the questionnaire that asks about hobbies or special interests, special skills are any kind of talent or skill outside of modeling that you are really good at. Examples of common special skills worth noting include but are not limited to: Dance (ballet, tap, jazz

Kid Models Should Look Like...Kids!

I get a lot of emails from young aspiring models. And when I say "young," I mean " young ." I think 9 or 10 has been my youngest so far. What gets me is that oftentimes the questions about modeling they ask me have to do with all things not relevant to the age they are now. What I mean by that is, I get emails and blog comments from young girls and boys (mostly girls), talking about how disappointed they are that they don't have curves or a body like a model in order to do Victoria's Secret modeling and if I can give them any tips or tricks to help them grow taller, etc., etc. It's quite shocking from my point of view because they are solely focused on doing modeling that they are currently far too young for instead of looking at the kind of modeling that is readily available to them right now: kid modeling. Kids, tweens and teens are a huge makeup of the modeling industry and there is no shortage of agencies and clients that are always in need

Answering a Reader Question Video Reply #5

Emily Wrote: Hi its Emily agian!  I know I asked this on another blog of yours , but I thought this should be a VIDEO RESPONSE ANSWER. It is what are the height requirments , mesarments, looks for the the different child models. I have only seen this answer 0-2 times. I think this would be great for younger followers of yours.  THIS SHOULD BE A VIDEO RESPONSE PLEASE! Thanks for the question and video reply request, Emily! Below is your answer! I also wanted to add that kid models should not wear makeup. Agencies and clients want you to look your age and if you're a kid that means no makeup for young girls so keep it simple and keep it all natural!

Dania Denise in the Top 4 for "The Face of Teneille" Makeup Line!!!

Hey, everyone! For those of you that have kept up with the recent posts here on Modeling 101, you've likely seen the post describing the modeling competition I'm in to be the face of a brand new makeup line. Well, I've got good news: I made the Top 4!!! From 150 applicants, down to 50 for the first round of interviews, down to 12 for the second round of interviews (in front of a panel), down to the final 4. It's definitely an honor to be a part of this competition and I'm super duper excited about the STOMP THE RUNWAY FASHION SHOW that is going to take place in Sacramento exactly 7 days from now (Saturday, October 4th). The Top 4 will literally be battling on the catwalk to get the audience to vote for us--it's the audience that will determine the winner, who will be announced at the end of the show. Each of us has been assigned to a local designer who will be featured at the show. There will be about 8-10 models total for each designer, which will c

Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat #3 Cancelled

Hey, all! Just wanted to let you all know that the Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat #3, which was originally scheduled for this Saturday, September 24 at 5PM PST has been cancelled due to low turnout/response rates, as well as the fact that the majority of the people who participated in the poll on my blog (thank you!) were not able to attend on the date and time chosen. While I appreciate the few that did reply to say they could attend, the overall experience will be much more effective with a significantly larger group. I don't want anyone to be left out so I'll be keeping you all posted as to what upcoming windows of time would possibly work and hopefully the turnout and response rate at that time will be good enough for me to know whether or not I can confirm a new date and time frame for the future. Until then, get ready to enjoy some new content that I know I've been taking much too long in getting to you! :-)

Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat #3: Saturday, September 27 @ 5pm PST

Hello, readers! I'm trying to plan the next Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat and am looking at Saturday, 9/27 at 5pm PST (California Time). The topic is going to be about freelance modeling this time: what it is, how to get into it the right way and tips to increase your odds for success. I really need feedback to find out who would be interested and able to attend so I plan on doing another poll on my blog, as well as asking you guys to comment on this post to let me know if that date and time would work for you. I'll go with the majority feedback. If you aren't already a member of my Skype group, which is the only way you can join in on the calls, you'll need to either add me on Skype: dania.denise (my profile picture is a closeup, black and white case more than one profile with that name pops up). Or you can email me your Skype ID (so I can add you to the group) can send this info to my direct email: I keep all info

The Latest on Dania Denise: September 2014

I know, I know, this post was written on August 31 but it's basically already September so why not get a jump on the new month? :-) 2014 has been an interesting year so far. As you've probably noticed, it's the first year since this blog was started that I've had the least total number of posts. That's not for lack of caring, however. I wear many hats and that includes running two art businesses (solely owned and operated by myself). Those businesses have been hopping since late last year so I dedicated a lot of my time and energy into fulfilling those commitments. I was still going on castings, auditions and booking work but not as much--mostly because I wasn't as actively marketing myself to opportunities as I normally did. However, summer was also a very slow season for me for any number of reasons but just recently (literally like 2 weeks ago), modeling and acting began picking up speed and I've been doing shoots and other projects left and rig

Quick Tip: 63

Category: Makeup For: Male & Female Models I'm including the male models in this post, too, since as we all know, male models wear makeup, too! :-) If you've ever dealt with glitter in makeup (lip color/gloss, bronzer, eye shadow, etc.), you'll know that it can be a pain to get rid of. The best makeup removers on the market don't always get every little spec of sparkle. I'm sure both you models and non-models alike out there have had at least one encounter with mystery glitter speckles suddenly catching your attention in the mirror or pointed out to you by someone. To get rid of glitter in a more effective way then scrubbing your face raw, follow this nifty trick I learned from a great makeup artist out of San Francisco (I don't remember his name...gah!): Take a small strip of Scotch tape (the clear kind or the kind that's a bit hazy/not as see-through), lay it on top of the area where the glitter is on your skin, gently press down and

How Do I Get My Baby Into Modeling?

How many times have you been told that your baby is so cute that he/she should be a model? Well, if you think you're ready to dive into that adventure, then this post will point you in the right direction! Btw: I've already written an intro blog post into this type of modeling, which you may want to check out by clicking on this link: Baby Modeling Tips . It is important to note that "baby models" and "child models" are entirely different based on age ranges. Interested in getting your child into modeling? Then click on this link: How Do I Get My Child Into Modeling? Let's keep things simple by breaking down where you should start and what steps are involved in this process: Look for Local Agencies That Represent Babies Believe it or not, not all agencies deal with babies or even kid models. Hit the Internet to find out what agencies are within a 2 hour's drive from where you live. Once you've got your search results, start browsing

The Runway Walk: Make It Your Own--Don't Be a Clone!

Nothing makes aspiring models want to be in the industry more than the idea of strutting down a catwalk. I've had my fair share of messages and inquiries from people asking for tips, resources, tutorials, advice, etc. related to how to do this type of walk. In answering all these inquiries, I realized that it is important for me to point out that when it comes to practicing and developing a solid runway walk, it isn't about imitating exactly what is seen on television and YouTube videos. Male models and female models alike, take note of the title of this blog post. When learning how to do your runway walk, it isn't about copying other people. I often tell newbie models to refer to videos of fashion shows in order to study the models and the different styles of walks there are. These resources are more for inspiration--not to be copied exactly. Truth be told, there are many runway models in those videos whose walks aren't that good. If you've watched enough

Latest Dania Denise Tearsheet: Book Cover for SC Ellington's "Unsettled"

Hello, my beloved readers! I know I haven't been as active in posting on here compared to other years/months but that's because I've been so busy I've been struggling to find the time. However, I haven't forgotten about you and I do have pages of modeling related topics that will be flowing from my fingertips very soon! In the meantime, wanted to drop a quick post to share the latest publication I'm in. It's a series by author SC Ellington. She decided to redo the cover of her first book, "Unsettled" and chose an image from a shoot I did a little while back. Here's what the front and back look like: It's available as an ebook and in paperback. Amazon has it for the Kindle. It is a romance novel, however. While I haven't read it yet, the author does state that the content isn't for those under 18 so yeah, this is for grown eyes only! Mind you, I'm just the model on the cover, it's not like there are other photos in t

Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat #2 - Saturday, May 24th @ 1pm PST

It's almost time for the second Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat, folks! The first call went really well and based on that experience, I am confident the second call will be even better! Below are details about what to expect and how to join: ***PLEASE NOTE: In order to attend the group chats you must be a contact of mine on Skype. If you aren't on Skype, you can't be a part of the call. My Skype ID is: dania.denise. After you send me a request to connect (or if you give me your Skype ID, I'll send you a request) I will add you to the group.*** WHEN: Saturday, May 24th TIME: 1pm PST (That's California time...those out of state and out of the country please note the time difference as it applies to you) WHERE: Skype. Only people who are contacts with me on Skype will be able to attend. If we're not connected yet, please message me your Skype ID so I can send you a request. Once confirmed, I will add you to the Modeling 101 group. HOW TO JOIN THE CALL:

How Much Do Models Get Paid? Part 3 - The Reality

This is the final part of a 3-post series I decided to write in order to tackle the commonly asked question, "How Much Do Models Get Paid?" If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend reading Part 1 ( "How Much Do Models Get Paid Part 1 - Overview" ) and Part 2 ( "How Much Do Models Get Paid Part 2 - Determining Factors" ) first so that Part 3 will make more sense and put the content into better perspective). Part 1 talked briefly about why such a question isn't so easy to answer and Part 2 covered in more detail all the factors involved in pay rates in modeling. Part 3 will wrap up this series by talking about the reality of the situation when it comes to whether or not one can make a living off of this particular profession. I am a firm believer in reality checks because for anyone to be successful in the modeling industry, it is vital to put everything in perspective and not let unrealistic expectations interfere with generating r

Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat This Sunday 3/23

Making a quick announcement that I'm planning on scheduling the first Modeling 101 Skype group chat for this Sunday, March 23. Time is TBD but will likely be after 5pm PST (please take note for those of you in different time zones). There's a really important step you need to follow if you want to be a part of this group chat: you have to add me on Skype: dania.denise No add, no group chat. I doubt many of you want to post your Skype usernames in the comments section of this blog post so that I can add you myself but if you're cool with making that info public, feel free and I'll send a request to connect. Or you can email me your Skype username directly to keep it private: It's funny because there was a bunch of you that replied "Very Interested" to the poll I posted a month ago, asking if these types of group chats would be something worth putting together, yet not that many of you have added me on Skype to participate.

Why Strong Ankles Matter for Female Models

I gotta tell ya, I've trained a lot of female models when it comes to walking in high heels for runway and fashion shows and almost every time I've almost had a heart attack for fear that one of the girls was going to roll or break her ankle. In the past I've vented about how I really hate the latest trends of high heels that place a lot of weight on the front of the shoe using the "platform style," which automatically makes the wearer feel like she's teeter-tottering. Even I've had to do extra practice in these types of heels. To be quite honest, I'm looking forward to the day when high heels do away with excessive platforms and models can once again go back to wearing heels that promote more stability when walking. But then again, when has being fashion forward ever meant being comfortable? But I digress... Okay, back to what I was saying about training models to walk in high heels...newbies are the ones I worry about the most because they

Shooting for a Magazine Publication? What Models Should Know

Being published in a magazine couldn't be more exciting for a model. Female and male models alike know that when you get published, you've easily upped your status as a professional. Aside from the bragging rights, publication means tearsheets, which provide the ultimate boost for a modeling portfolio. This particular post is designed to help "school" newbies and those currently learning the ropes of the industry about what to expect when it comes to shooting for potential magazine publication and to avoid making mistakes that could cause issues later on. ______________________ Before I proceed with my gems of wisdom, lol, let me first say that I am a girl scout when it comes to modeling. I've never been the one to rock the boat, act like a diva or behave in an otherwise "dramatic" manner. I follow the rules and make sure that I'm going by the book. There are models out there that don't or won't follow what I'll be writing about