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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dania Denise in the Top 4 for "The Face of Teneille" Makeup Line!!!

Hey, everyone!

For those of you that have kept up with the recent posts here on Modeling 101, you've likely seen the post describing the modeling competition I'm in to be the face of a brand new makeup line. Well, I've got good news: I made the Top 4!!!

From 150 applicants, down to 50 for the first round of interviews, down to 12 for the second round of interviews (in front of a panel), down to the final 4.

It's definitely an honor to be a part of this competition and I'm super duper excited about the STOMP THE RUNWAY FASHION SHOW that is going to take place in Sacramento exactly 7 days from now (Saturday, October 4th).

The Top 4 will literally be battling on the catwalk to get the audience to vote for us--it's the audience that will determine the winner, who will be announced at the end of the show.

Each of us has been assigned to a local designer who will be featured at the show. There will be about 8-10 models total for each designer, which will certainly make for a very large group of models. I'm not mad about that because in fashion shows, the more models there are, the more time you get to change backstage!

Here's the promo video announcing the Top 4 that is currently on YouTube:

Last night I attended a pre-launch media event to help hype up the fashion show and competition. It was the first time the Top 4 got to be together. I have to say, these ladies are amazing! There are lots of negative stereotypes when it comes to female models being catty, divas and anti-social but I gotta say, none of that applies to this group!

We all instantly took to one another and we spent a large majority of the night laughing, cracking jokes and having great convo about topics outside of modeling (you don't know how refreshing that is!). We all love each other like sisters and to be honest, while I really want to win, if any of the other 3 ended up taking the title, I would truly be happy because all of us are deserving. It's not one of those situations where the person who wins is really a jerk who is fake and probably won't do a good job of being the face of the brand. Each of us is professional, passionate about modeling, understands the true definition of beauty and what it means to be a powerful, confident, influential woman and role model in today's society.

We got to demonstrate our runway walk in front of the audience at the pre-launch event and then spent the remainder of the night mingling with the guests, which included bloggers and local media. I got interviewed by one magazine (gotta track down who it is) and had a great time chatting with the community of supporters who came out to celebrate with us.

A lot of people asked me questions about how I got involved in the competition, how I liked the makeup (which I got to wear for the first time for that event...I LOVE the makeup btw!) and many more offered such kind words of support and encouragement. Many will be attending the fashion show next Saturday so it'll be great to see those familiar faces.

Below are some fun flicks from the event. There was a professional photographer there to capture the festivities but these were the most recent photos I could get from what people were posting on Facebook.
The Final 4 (Camille, Deatra, Shai'La & Myself) with Eddie Clark (middle), one of the founders of the Teneille Makeup Line by Creative Brush One
This is my designer I'll be walking for in the STOMP THE RUNWAY FASHION SHOW, Tyneice...she is the definition of fabulous!
A day in the life...
Striking a pose with fellow Top 4 contestant, Camille.
The Top 4 cheesin'...Camille, Myself, Deatra & Shai'La
Posing in front of the audience for photo opps.
If any of you are local to Sacramento or the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in attending, there is still time to buy your tickets! Below is the link:


Let me know if you plan on attending...I would love to meet any of my local readers/supporters!!!

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emily said...

Its me Emily again. I am going to being commenting on a lot of post FYI. Congrats :) I wish I could come. (I would vote from you!