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Quick Tip #64

Category: Etiquette For: Male & Female Models (Freelance & Agency Repped) Being told by an agency that they'll contact you in a few days is great but plan for the possibility that they might not get back to you when they said they would. "A few days" is very broad and could mean 1-2 days or it could be a week. Of course it isn't easy being the person waiting for the response. Before you hit the panic button and blow up their phone or email inbox, take a moment to observe standard business etiquette for when to follow up. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this but I recommend giving an agency between 2-3 "business days" BEFORE reaching out to follow up. A "business day" is defined as being between Monday - Friday...not weekends. That means if you received an email on a Friday with the promise of reaching back out in a few days, you should reach out for a follow up as early as Tuesday, NOT Monday. Agencies operate s

Pros & Cons of Open Calls

Open calls are often the direct path towards speeding up a model's search for agency representation. However, as with many things in life, they aren't perfect and there are pros and cons to attending one of these events. Let's dive right in and see exactly what open calls are all about and whether it would be in your best interest to add one (or a few!) to your calendar. WHAT IS AN OPEN CALL? I did a post about this quite some time ago explaining all the details about an agency open call  (click here to check it out) but in a nutshell, an "open call" is specific to modeling and talent agencies. It is a designated day and time frame where anyone is allowed to come into the agency's office to be evaluated. Open calls are free of charge and no appointment is required. PRO Open calls get you in front of an agency in-person. Nothing is worse than submitting an online application or email with your photos and stats to agencies and waiting weeks to hear