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Modeling & Taxes (for parents of models under 18)

(This post is not intended to replace or be used as professional tax advice. I am in no way a tax professional, nor do I claim to be an expert. The point of this post is to provide basic information to those that are concerned about how taxes and modeling go hand-in-hand.  If you have any questions or concerns about your particular tax situation in relation to modeling, please contact your CPA or other trusted tax professional.  If there is anything in this post that is inaccurate or wrong, please let me know and I will correct it asap. Additionally, the subject of modeling and taxes discussed in my posts deal with the United States only so if you live outside of the U.S. this topic may not be of any relevance to you.) So the good news for underage models (that means if you are under 18 years of age), is that the whole tax issue will be your parents’ responsibility. That means that you parents out there have another additional item to remember to include when tax time comes aroun

I Grew!!!

Imagine my surprise when I got measured recently and found out that I am now 5'5" instead of 5'4"...and I'm 26-years-old! Where did that little one inch growth spurt come from? LOL. One inch in general may not seem like such a big deal but in modeling terms it can be huge for a model's career. Even with shorter models, clients and agencies can be discriminating so that one inch can make or break the possibility for garnering modeling opportunities. I've already made the changes to my height on my resume and online profiles that state my height. However, even though I managed to officially reach the minimum height requirement for commercial/print modeling, I really have no idea how it happened. So if you email me to ask what's my secret and how I managed to make myself grow even way after I was supposed to, I really wouldn't be able to give you an answer so I apologize in advance about that. Okay, that was my nerd moment but I just thought I'd s

Modeling & Taxes (General Topic)

If you earn any money as a model then you have to pay taxes on it. You may not like it but that's the way it goes. If you are an underage model then your parents will be responsible for making sure the proper forms are filed or sent to your CPA. For models that are 18 years of age or older, you'll have to start keeping track of and reporting your income accordingly. Think you can get away with not reporting your income? Think again. Uncle Sam and the IRS show no mercy and all it takes is one audit and penalties to quickly ruin your day (not to mention your finances). I wanted to make this initial post to address the fact that if you model, whether it's part-time or full-time, you'll need to be prepared to receive the proper tax documents, understand what they are, and what is needed of you when it comes to tax season. Have I already lost you? Not sure what in the world I'm talking about? Don't worry, after this post, I plan on doing two, more detailed pos

Answering a Reader Question #36

"What kind of photoshop do you use?" Hello and thanks for the question! I currently use Photoshop CS but I just got the Adobe Creative Suite 4 software, which has all the latest versions of Photoshop and Illustrator plus others, which I'll eventually be using. But for now, Photoshop CS works just fine for my retouching and design projects.

Baby Modeling Tips

Teens, adults and seniors aren’t the only ones chosen to be models. Baby models are always in high demand and if you think your little one has what it takes to make it in the industry, there are a few steps you’ll want to take note of in this post. When it comes to baby models, I strongly encourage parents to get agency representation for their baby instead of trying to freelance. Having the backing of a modeling agency is not only the safest way of introducing your baby to the modeling world it is also the best way to ensure that your baby receives the best opportunities, clients, and pay. However, it is important to know that not all modeling agencies work with baby models. In your search for the right agency, you’ll only be able to deal with agencies that either specialize in baby models or have a baby modeling division. It won’t matter how beautiful or charming your baby is, if the agency you’re interested in does not represent babies, you’ll be wasting your time. Make sure t

Freelance Models Don’t Settle for Less Than You’re Worth!

(This post is mainly for freelance models whose goal is to progress in their careers past the local modeling level) Being a freelance model is hard enough and it doesn’t help when clients seeking the services of freelancers either offer little to no pay or use fancy wordplay in their postings to make it sound like their project is worth your time and effort. I just wanted to address this latest pet peeve of mine and just state some basic guidelines for navigating the online freelancing scene for models. Until I secure new agency representation, I am freelancing a lot right now and I must say I am just appalled at the posts I see on a number of sites, mainly Craigslist. Of course Craigslist is Craigslist so what can you expect—but regardless that doesn’t mean that these clients should be asking for professionalism for free. Are there times when a modeling assignment is worth not getting paid money? Sure, but before you make that decision, check to see if your situation falls into

Be a Go-Getter!!!

Nothing upsets me more than an aspiring model with no drive or motivation. Unless you're scouted by a top agency or "discovered" in some other fashion, the modeling industry will not come to you. You can have the greatest look on the planet but if you don't take the steps necessary to put yourself out there, you won't get very far. It's one thing to be new to the industry and unsure how to go about it, but it's another thing completely to expect others to do the work for you. I've come across people with this particular air of, "I want to be a model. This is what I really want, this is what I can do and this is the agency I want to sign with." Oh, if it were only that easy! In modeling, you have to be a go-getter or else you won't get any results. Having more to offer than just what you want will get you further than just stating matter-of-factly what makes you so special. Heck, I don't work for a modeling agency so it's not

Young Models: Don't Be Sneaky

At times I get emails from young, underage models, pleading for advice on how to approach their parents about allowing them to model or send pictures to agencies. While my heart really does go out to them, I never quite feel right about giving advice in this situation--mostly because the final decision is up to the parents. I'll never advise or condone sneaking or pursuing modeling behind your parents' back. So I thought I'd make this quick post to address this topic. I've had some girls toy with the idea of sending their photos and information to agencies without letting their parents know, in the hopes of getting an agency interested in them, which would in turn somehow be proof enough to the parents that modeling is something they should be allowed to do. This idea sounds great in theory but it could end up backfiring and working against you. For one thing, I'm sure your parents wouldn't appreciate suddenly being propositioned by a modeling agency that

Upcoming Shoot: Leather Accessories Model

So I'm pretty excited about one of my upcoming shoots because it is for a really awesome designer out of San Francisco, by the name of Basil Racuk. He specializes in handcrafted leather accessories for men and women. I submitted myself to one of his casting notices online and was immediately chosen for the shoot! I'll be the only female model shooting with three male models (ah, the perks of the job!). Each of us will have a different theme, which reflects the style and feel of the accessories being shot. I met up with the designer, photographer, potential art director and two of the three male models in San Francisco yesterday to discuss the designer's ideas and concepts. I'm pretty stoked about his vision for my role. My shoot will ideally be shot in a hotel lobby with a very modern, sleek decor. He wants me to play the character role of the "dominant female in the power business suit." It's supposed to have a very "German, edgy feel" in t