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Dos & Don'ts of Modeling Snapshots (Female Models)

As you've probably already gained from my blog, the role of snapshots is hugely crucial to new models hoping to get into the industry--namely, those with goals of snagging an agent. Learning how to put together quality modeling snapshots is a great way to make a strong first impression and improve the chances of getting invited to an agency interview. Below are some easy dos and don'ts for aspiring female models when it comes to putting their snapshots together (male models, don't worry--I haven't forgotten about you! The next blog post after this one will be filled with snapshot tips just for you). :-) DO: Follow Any & All Instructions Agency websites contain all the info new models need to know, including what kinds of snapshots to send. Many even post reference images to copy. If you come across an agency site that has all this laid out, follow the instructions to a tee. DON'T: Take Random Snapshots It's great when there's a site with