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Tips for Building an Entourage

When I use the term "entourage" as it relates to modeling, I like to think of this as a model's dream team. A group of highly talented individuals that are dedicated to making the model look his/her best. Unlike the traditional definition for celebrities, where an entourage consists of a group of admirers and fans that just ride on a person's coattails and partakes of their success, I believe a model's entourage should serve as a more functional and businesslike entity. If you're a model that wants to build an entourage, below are some helpful tips for pursuing such an endeavor with favorable results (if you simply want a group of people to just follow you around to make you feel self important, this blog pots won't be of any interest to you): An Entourage Works "With" You, Not "For" You I don't know why, but I think the word entourage has a negative connotation to it. Maybe because this term is originally related to A-lis

Did You Know...? #11

...Applying to agencies in other states or other countries is completely acceptable BUT if you get invited for an interview, the agency will NOT cover your expenses related to airfare, hotel/lodgings and transportation. That means you better start saving up your pennies and be prepared to pay a lot of money if you're submitting to agencies that are far away from where you live.

Tips for Working with Student Photographers

Think you're ready to try shooting with a student photographer? That's great! But you're probably wondering where you can find them. The most obvious answer: photography and art schools! There are colleges dedicated solely to photography but you'll have better results by expanding your search to include local art schools, which almost always have a photography department. The cool thing about seeking student photographers to work with is that the schools are much easier to locate. While modeling agencies tend to be abundant in the bigger cities/markets, photography and art schools are virtually everywhere--from the largest cities to the smallest towns. Even if there isn't such a school right in your city, chances are there's one or more to be found just a short drive away. I would suggest doing an online search for photography and art schools in your area (they probably wouldn't take too kindly to models randomly wandering around campus trying to int

Shooting with Student Photographers: Pros & Cons

Student photographers are a hugely untapped resource that I think all models should look into at one time or another. True, these individuals are currently training to learn their craft and aren't "professional" but there are diamonds in the rough that have the natural talent, eye and ability that puts them well ahead of the class...even if they are still in school. I've been fortunate to shoot with student photographers in the San Francisco area, who were not only good at what they did, they gave me valuable images for my portfolio. New/aspiring or established, models of all experience levels can get something good out of such a collaboration. Below are some pros and cons that come with the decision to choose a student photographer to shoot with: PROS Opportunity to Get New Photos Freelance models that need to put together their own portfolios will find working with a student photographer to be very beneficial for generating the images needed not just for

Did You Know...? #10

...That signing to a "talent" agency as a model doesn't mean you also have to do acting. Models sign with talent agencies all the time and the agent won't force you into acting work if you don't want to do it or have no interest in that field.

Samples of Male Model Comp Cards

Since I just posted my own updated modeling comp/zed card, I figured it would be beneficial for my male readers to see what a comp card for a male model would look like. I found these images through a regular Google Images search--hopefully I won't get in trouble for posting these, since these are agency represented male models. However, if I get told to take them down, I'll try to replace them with different ones that are okay to share on my blog:

New Dania Denise Comp Card Designs

The front of my modeling business card. I can't tell you how invaluable it has been for me to know how to do graphic design. Using my Photoshop savvy, I've been able to design and print my own business cards and modeling comp cards, which has not only been convenient but definitely much more cost effective. Since I've recently updated my portfolio with one test shoot so far, I've found a new headshot and other images that I wanted to revamp my comp cards with. Since I freelance in addition to having an agent, I created two comp cards: one for commercial/print and lifestyle projects an another for more fashion oriented work. Here they are (the black rectangle on both are covering up my phone number...can't just put that info out on the Internet for everyone to see!): My commercial/print comp card. My fashion comp card. I'm not doing new shoots for this category so I just used existing fashion/editorial images I'd already had in my portfolio