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Answering a Reader Question #112

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! Concerning the vacuum pose from above- if my waist is already 24 inches can this still help me? Is it even healthy to have a 23 inch waist? Thanks!  Hey, Anonymous, thanks for your question in regards to my post: "Answering a Reader Question #11." 24 inches is the ideal waist measurement for models. You can be no larger than one inch so 25 would be pushing it but if you are already at a 24 in the waist, there is no need to try and lose more inches from this area. 23 inches is healthy for a select few but not for the average person. The most important thing to remember when it comes to models and the "34-24-34 standard" is that these numbers do not reflect "reality" and what "real" people actually measure up to. The modeling industry has created a different type of reality that suits their purposes and that is the context in which measurements should be looked at. This is where the lines tend to blur for some pe

Quick Tip #2

Category: Clothing For both male & female models Anytime you go to a go-see, fitting or shoot where you are required to wear a designer's clothes, avoid all fragrances. This means no perfume, cologne, body spray or heavily scented body lotions. These scents will get onto the clothes and regardless of how fabulous you think it smells, the designers will not be happy and it could count against you. When trying on clothes during fittings or wearing them during shoots, make sure you return the clothing items in the same condition that they were when you received them. I recently did a shoot where the dress I was chosen to wear had loads of perfume from a previous model that tried it on and as a result, the client had to go get the dress steam cleaned at the last minute before the shoot. Needless to say, he was very irritated with that particular model. So remember, no fragrances of any kind!

You Better Work!!! Understanding What Makes a Fashion Show (Part IV): The Show!

Okay, you passed the audition, you've gone to the fitting and you learned the choreography. Now it's showtime! Both new and experienced models tend to get the butterflies when it comes to the actual day of the fashion show. While not all shows operate in exactly the same way, the order of events will usually fall somewhere along the lines of the following: 1) Prep: It's time to show up early and ready to go into hair and makeup. Depending on the number of models and stylists available, this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. 2) Rehearsal (could come before the prep in some cases): Remember, it isn't unusual for models to learn the choreography and layout of the stage/catwalk until the day of the show. Make sure you're paying attention so that you know where you are supposed to be and what marks you're supposed to hit. "Marks" refers to designated areas on the stage that you need to walk to--usually this will be identi

Quick Tip #1

Category: Beauty For both male & female models Ever had to pull an all nighter? Whether it's working the graveyard shift at the job, staying up late studying or writing a paper for school or simply staying up watching television until the wee hours of the morning, this bad habit can wreak havoc on a model's face--namely the telltale fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. My secret: Vaseline. If I know I'm going to be up past my bedtime, I'll simply add a light layer of Vaseline to my fingertip and smudge it underneath both eyes. I find that the petroleum jelly works wonders for keeping the skin under the eye area moisturized and fills in the creases where the fine lines tend to creep up on me. Of course I have a good quality eye cream that I use but most times good ole Vaseline does the trick. But this doesn't mean that staying up should become a daily habit. Do what you can to make sure that you get enough's all about aging gracefully

My Latest Shoot: Beauty with Styles By Ann

Another day, another shoot! I got to shoot with Peter Kyong of Kyong Photography the very next day after our fashion shoot in San Francisco, except this time the concept was a beauty shoot for a local makeup artist and hair stylist (and model), Ann Ho of Styles By Ann. The process of getting my hair and makeup done were captured on video, since Ann wants to use the footage on her website in order to promote her services and the classes that she teaches. There were four models total. After our hair and makeup were completed, we headed to the studio, where Peter took simple beauty shots. Ann decided to do more of a bridal look on me to add to her portfolio. It was actually my first time having my foundation airbrushed on me. The process was pretty cool and definitely a lot faster than the traditional methods. The shoot itself was simple and shorter in duration since beauty shots are not as involved as taking full body pictures...there's only so many ways you can pose when the

Reality Check: Photoshoots & the "Money Shot" in Modeling

I can't help but be tickled when I come across some postings put up by models or photographers looking for people to work with on shoots...I'm mainly referring to the ones that make statements along the lines of: the shoot should probably only take about 15-30 minutes or an hour or two. Really? I guess that such a thing could be possible--if quality is completely thrown out of the window. It is important for models and photographers alike (but mainly models for this particular post) to understand the numbers game when it comes to shoots and why you can't realistically produce "money shot" images within such a short amount of time (at least not 100% accurately all the time). Some people's minds boggle at the fact that it takes HUNDREDS of photos to find the "money shot"...that one image that just screams "AMAZING!" But it's true. While there is such a thing as short shoots that range from 1-2 hours or so, it is a good idea to prepa

My Latest Shoot: SF Fashion

Just got some pictures back from a recent fashion shoot I did in San Francisco and Sausalito. It was freezing cold that day but somehow I made it through! I had a great time shooting with Peter Kyong of Kyong Photography and we ended up shooting together again the very next day for a completely separate project (I hope to have the pictures from that shoot in another week or so). Me and Peter are also going to team up a third time to do one of the concept shoots I've been planning, which is a lifestyle/couple shoot with my latest male model partner-in-crime, Cameron Clark. I thought I'd do something fun with Photoshop and ended up creating these collages. Enjoy!

Answering a Reader Question #111

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! I recently read your post about model makeovers and I had a question about it. About six months ago, I got my hair cut for locks of love. Since then, I have found a couple possible agencies to apply to once I get my bottom braces off (I'm a sophmore). I think I would have a more versatile look if my hair were a bit longer, though. What are the chances that an agency like Ford or Factor Women in Chicago would want to add hair extentions, and would I have to pay for them? Thanks!  Hey, Anonymous! Great questions! Let's see if I can help you out. =) Since I don't work for an agency, I really can't say for sure whether or not agencies like the ones you mentioned would or would not be open to the idea of having you get extensions. It really all depends on what look is "in" for the Chicago market. I would suggest attending open calls in your area with your hair as is and see what feedback you get from the agencies. If you hap

Answering a Reader Question #110

MM Wrote: Hi some one told me that I should try for beausty of the week. I dnt know since Im trying to focus strictly on acting visit my site and click on slide show to tell me what you think . thank you for ur blog and all of your help.  Hi, MM, and thanks for your question! Even if you are pursuing acting and do not really have an interest in modeling, being chosen as a JET "Beauty of the Week" can only help you, not harm you. Being chosen gives you great exposure to a huge fan base of readers, as well as an extra accomplishment to add to your resume. If you become a "BOTW" it doesn't mean that you'll get stuck with modeling...look at it as an additional opportunity to put your name out there. However, you should do it because you want to do it, not to please others. Either way, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Answering a Reader Question #109

Melissa Wrote: I have a question - I'm Asian, 24, 5 foot 8 inches at 114 pounds and a light tan skin tone.. I've been told countless times to go for modeling but I don't know where to start. I don't want to throw any money away because I don't really have any to start with...and I'm not sure if I'll get lucky with being discovered in a mall. What would be the best way to start? Thanks, Melissa  Hi, Melissa, thanks for the question! The best way to get started is to find a reputable and legit modeling agency to represent you. Having an agent dramatically decreases your chances of getting scammed or taken advantage of. Additionally, it will be their responsibility to submit you for work and only deal with the most credible clients. Go for the agencies first because this is the most direct way to get "discovered" and not have to deal with any middlemen. At this point you don't need to spend a small fortune in order to get started

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, it's 2011! Another new year and with it the many opportunities that life (and the modeling industry) has to offer! I hope everyone had a good time ringing in the new year...I, for one, could not wait for 2011 to start and for the holidays to pass so I could refocus and get back to business! Guess it's the workaholic in me! Needless to say, I plan on continuing to pursue projects, shoots and other related opportunities that will help to further my modeling and acting career--hopefully you're all aiming to do the same! Today is my last day of being lazy and tomorrow I'll come out of my cocoon and get myself ready for upcoming gigs this week. My main focus lately has been networking. I've been busy contacting local designers and introducing myself as well as offering them my services. So far it's been good...there are two local designers that I'm in talks with for helping them showcase their new clothing lines and one designer that I was supposed to do a