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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #111

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania!
I recently read your post about model makeovers and I had a question about it. About six months ago, I got my hair cut for locks of love. Since then, I have found a couple possible agencies to apply to once I get my bottom braces off (I'm a sophmore). I think I would have a more versatile look if my hair were a bit longer, though. What are the chances that an agency like Ford or Factor Women in Chicago would want to add hair extentions, and would I have to pay for them? Thanks! 

Hey, Anonymous! Great questions! Let's see if I can help you out. =)

Since I don't work for an agency, I really can't say for sure whether or not agencies like the ones you mentioned would or would not be open to the idea of having you get extensions. It really all depends on what look is "in" for the Chicago market. I would suggest attending open calls in your area with your hair as is and see what feedback you get from the agencies. If you happen to get an interview with an agency, mention your concern about the length of your hair and see what they say. When it comes to your look, the agency will decide what would be best for the market you'd be working in. In some cases shorter hair is preferred so you never know.

Overall, I would say stick with your current hair length. If you get signed, your agent will begin booking you for work and in the event that a client wants you to have longer hair, then they'll simply add the extensions in on the day of the shoot or fashion show once you've officially been hired for the gig (the upside to this is that you'll get the extensions free of charge). Versatility can be changed up on each modeling assignment you book and does not necessarily mean that you have to get extensions to wear throughout the duration of your modeling career or worry about who will pay for them.

Hope that helps. If you need more clarification or additional info/assistance, please shoot me a personal email!

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