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Modeling Tips to Keep Your Photographer Happy

(This post will be especially beneficial for freelance models.) Models wouldn't get very far without professional photographers. Regardless of what kind of modeling you're into, both female and male models alike greatly benefit not just from the images from the shoot but the networking that takes place as a result. Oftentimes, models are able to develop a list of go-to-photographers they regularly work with. Those types of business relationships are golden in the industry because everyone involved benefits. Of course, first thing's first: you have to know how to work with photographers and be the type of model they would drop everything to shoot with in a heartbeat. Below are some helpful tips that can be applied to most situations when it comes to working with photographers: COMMUNICATE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL When contacting photographers, don't talk to them like they're your bestie. That means messaging/emailing them using complete sentences with good g

Pressed Powder: the Must Have Makeup Item for Male Models

***I'm not writing this post to say that pressed powder isn't important for female models--because it totally is--but I wanted to make sure my fellas had a bit more of a customized post on the subject to help them navigate their way through the modeling industry.*** We all know that when it comes being a man in the modeling world, the territory is going to look a whole lot different than any other industry. One of my most popular blog posts is titled, "Real Men Wear Makeup!" and in the same vein of this theme, I decided to do a post about one of the most important items male models should have in their possession at all times: pressed powder. If you're the kind of guy who is completely clueless about makeup in general, the good news is that pressed powder is one of the easier items to understand the role of when it comes to modeling. One of the worst ways to take a photograph is to have a shiny complexion. Whether it's sweat or you have naturally

Why You Should be a Model with Video Experience

If you've been submitting to projects on your own--depending on what resources you're using--chances are you may have come across gigs that mention wanting models with "video experience." Sometimes they'll also refer to acting experience but in general, this means the client is looking for individuals with the "model look and build" but who is also comfortable in front of a video camera. So what does this kind of job mean and what exactly does video experience have to do with modeling? I'm glad you asked. :-) It isn't uncommon--and completely normal, in fact--for some models to have absolutely zero interest in acting in any capacity. And that's totally okay. It isn't mandatory for models to have acting experience. Does it help? It sure does and with the way the industry is going, many agencies are purposely sending their models to acting auditions, whether they like it or not. But that's a whole different story. For the pur

Modeling in the Age of Instagram

The modeling world has become notorious for thriving despite all the changes going on as the years go by. In the past, modeling agencies were a type of secret society that not just anybody could penetrate, let alone try to locate. Then came the Internet and along with it total access via websites from the very agencies model hopefuls had been searching for--equipped with submission information and open call guidelines that opened up the modeling industry to the masses...or at least those gutsy enough to send in their snapshots or walk through the agency's doors. Now we're in the social media era where the modeling industry has once again needed to update their way of doing business. While being scouted on IG is all the rage, this latest version of the modeling beast can actually end up confusing newbies even more when it comes to figuring out where to begin and what to do/not do. So what does it mean to be a model in the age of IG? MORE VISIBILITY It is still impo

Red Flags ALL Models Should Know About

Red flags are everywhere and they exist for a reason. The modeling industry is far from perfect and despite the strides in technology and social media that make it easier than ever these days to find out how to submit to agencies and pursue a modeling career, there are still pitfalls that unsuspecting newbies tend to find themselves falling into. Even if I've done a post similar to this one, I think it warrants bringing up again (or at least think of this as an updated post of sorts) to continue educating and informing those of you that aren't sure whether to move forward with a particular opportunity, project or individual/company. Nudity Should Never Be Involved Never. Ever. EVER! Are there very hyper-sexualized images of models in magazines and advertisements? You bet. Sex sells. It's not a secret. However, just because certain fields within the modeling industry rely on selling sex and sexy models, when it comes to newbies submitting to agencies, they don

The Male Model Portfolio

The modeling world is filled with female models. That's no secret. Because a majority of information out there is mainly geared towards women, it can make it difficult for male models to track down relevant info as it relates to them. With my blog I've always tried to include posts specific to male models and hope that those of you out there interested in the modeling industry have been able to benefit from what I've posted so far. Here's another post I felt was long overdue (as is a new blog post on here overall, haha) that should help you fellas keep your modeling career and goals on track. When it comes to modeling portfolios in general, you want to showcase a diverse range of looks and themes that you realistically can pull off and that is appropriate for your age/target demographic you'd be representing. Freelance models enjoy more flexibility with their portfolios since they essentially can branch out into other categories they normally wouldn'

Tips for Finding a Good Casting Agency to Work With

If you had the chance to read my previous blog post, " The Difference Between Casting Agencies & Talent/Modeling Agencies ," you might be thinking about considering the services of a casting agency to help with your modeling career. As with searching for a traditional modeling agency, there are certain things to keep in mind when trying to figure out which companies would be worth your time and which ones you should probably skip out on. Keep in mind that not all casting agencies are created equal and only through research and careful consideration can you find the one tailored for your needs. START LOCAL THEN BRANCH OUT The good thing about living in or near a medium and large size modeling market is the fact that you'll likely have easy access to a casting agency or two (or three!). Starting local is not only practical, it's convenient and cost-effective because the majority of the castings and projects you could book through the casting agency will be