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Bathing Suits Part 2

Even though I've already made a post about Bathing Suits , I felt it would be helpful to do a post with suggestions for the right swimsuits for the right body type. Please keep in mind the age appropriateness of the subject. I am in no way encouraging 14 and 15-years old to go out and buy a string bikini! It is very rare that any model under the age of 18 is going to be asked to do a swimsuit shoot, unless it's for a safe and age appropriate swimsuit line. So for the gals who are under 18, please stick to a one-piece or a tankini, as these styles are very suitable for younger body types and won't cause any waves. The problem: small bust The solution: Victoria's Secret was really on to something when they came out with their padded, push-up bathing suit tops. Any bikini top with an underwire or pads will give you the boost you need without looking fake. Adding horizontal stripes or ruffles around the neckline also help to give off the illusion of a fulle

The Latest on Me and FORD

It didn't really hit me that I was a FORD model for a while. Because FORD decided to include a commercial/print division in its company, they went to San Francisco to tap into that market. Instead of taking the time to establish its own office, FORD decided to merge with an existing agency that was doing well. Lucky me, they picked my agent, Generations Model & Talent. So I technically have two agents--Generations for television, commercial and film work and FORD for commercial/print work. I actually signed with FORD last year but because of all the paperwork and things involved, they're just now getting things together so I, along with the other models and talent, were in limbo. I was finally able to get some feedback and instruction on my modeling career from my agent sometime last week. Of course with me being 5'4", FORD cannot submit me for fashion/runway print work so I've been instructed to update my portfolio (which I've been needing to d

What Does it Take to be a Model?

One of the most common answers to that question is usually: "You have to be really beautiful and really tall." Eh, not really the truest answer but the physical aspect does account for a lot in the modeling world. But there are many other factors and traits that you must have in order to not only be a model, but to be a good model. Personality No photographer or client wants to work with someone who has a dull or boring personality--or worse--no personality at all. If you're not the type of person who can open up and get to know others or if you aren't excited or enthusiastic about the work you're doing, modeling is not for you. The ability to take criticism    If you have soft nerves, you'll be sorely disappointed if you want a modeling career. Not everyone is going to love your look or your photos. There will be jobs that you just won't be right for, and they'll tell you so. Your agent may tell you the things they don't like an

Hold Your Head Up High!

One of the most important assets a model has is his/her self-confidence. There is no room for jealousy, intimidation and insecurity . I'm not saying you need to be a robot because it is human nature that allows us to have these feelings, but they are feelings that you need to keep in check if you want to be successful. Even after all these years, I still take a second look at girls who are my competition. I do my best to acknowledge and give respect to them because they are there for the same thing I am. But that's about as far as it goes. As a working model, you don't have the time to wonder about what the other models are doing, what jobs they're getting and so on. The best thing you can do is focus on you and the progress you're making. If you're just getting started, it will undoubtedly be super intimidating to be at an open casting call or other venue where you are among a group of girls (or guys if you're an aspiring male model). And it&#

Where Do You Start?

So you want to model but don't know where to begin? The process can be somewhat time consuming, but definitely not impossible. Figure It Out The first place to start is to figure out what part of the modeling industry you want to pursue. This includes fashion/runway, commercial/print, petite or plus-size. Then you have to research the requirements (which you can find on my post titled "The Different Types of Modeling" ) to see where you fit in. And be realistic--if you're short and know you aren't going to grow any taller, then go for the commercial/print industry. If you know you'll grow taller but not right away, try out for both commercial/print and fashion/runway and see what happens. If you're a female and between 5'5"-5'7" then you're ideal for commercial/print. If you're a female and between 5'8"-6'0" then you're ideal for fashion/runway/editorial. If you're a male and between 5'

Modeling Contracts

Modeling contracts can be very intimidating for new models so I've decided to clear a few things up about them. What is a modeling contract? A modeling contract is a piece of paper (usually more than one page) that establishes the professional and official working relationship between the model and agency. It also contains the rules, regulations and guidelines as to the duties and obligations the model must fulfill as a committment to the agency and vice-versa. What does a modeling contract talk about? These contracts basically give the essential information such as how much the agency will take as their finder's fee from the model's booking (also known as "commission." The current percentage agencies are allowed to charge per booking they get their models is around 20%), the way payment works , the types of bookings and jobs the agency will get for the model and the way the working relationship will be run. What is an exclusive modeling contract? An

My Beauty & Skin Care Regimen

A model's body, face and skin are his/her most important asset in the modeling industry. As with any job, it's important to maintain the factors that allow you to remain employed. While everyone's skin and bodies are different, I've decided to list my skin care and beauty regimen here to help those of you who may want to start your own skin care routine but aren't sure where to begin. (Morning - Night) - Cleanse with Clean & Clear Morning Burst with Shine Control - Tone with Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 - Moisturize with Dove Deep Skin Moisturizer - Exfoliate once to twice a week with St. Ive's Apricot Scrub (Skin care/beauty regimen before a photo shoot) - Shower/shave the night before and moisturize entire body with St. Ive's Renewing Collagen & Elastin Body Lotion - Cleanse, tone and moisturize face once I get out of the shower (I don't wash my face in the shower because I like to treat my face and the rest of my body separ

Open Calls

One of the best ways to snag an agent is to attend an open call. What exactly is an open call, what happens there, what do you bring, what do you wear? Don't worry, I'm here to answer these questions so it doesn't become so nerve-wreaking if you decide to go to one. What is an open call? Open calls are certain times during the day when an agency opens its doors to anyone without having to make an appointment. This gives you the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face with top agencies. The only catch is that you will be among the sea of other new faces hoping to attract the agent's attention. What do you wear to an open call? The most important thing to do when it comes to clothes is to be yourself or sport your own personal style. But please be age appropriate. Do not dress overly sexy but don't undress, either. Ladies, the best thing you can do is throw on a pair of comfortable, fitted jeans, heels (always wear heels!) and a solid colored top (ta

Being Around Other Models

Thanks to Glamour from for suggesting this excellent topic, as well as the one below: "The Anatomy of a Photo Shoot. " There will be times when it won't be all about you and you will have to shoot and interact with other models, male or female. This is a part of the industry where having an outgoing personality and solid people skills will serve you best. Chemistry can be captured in a photograph--so can faking it. It won't always be rainbows and butterflies but when it comes to posing or being around other models, keeping your cool and knowing your self-worth will always pay off. In the fashion/runway world , you can't do a runway show by yourself. You'll be required to walk the same catwalk with a score of other models and you all deserve to be there, so don't give in to insecurities or allow catty models to make you feel inferior. If there is a model who you don't get along with, stay out of each other's way. If she is provo

The Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

This great topic given by Glamour from will take a closer look at what models do 110% of the time: photo shoots. Whether you've done one before or not, it's important to know how a typical photo shoot operates. No photo shoot is always the same but there are a few basic elements that are always present. Photo shoots can be as short as an hour and a half to two hours or as long as 4-5 hours. Most shoots rarely go past that, but it has been done before. But in general, expect to be shooting for no more than 4 hours. There are many factors that contribute to the length of a shoot, including weather conditions , loss of natural sunlight , delays in setting up, and moving to different locations, to name a few. Pre-shoot: After arriving at your shoot location, you'll need to be prepped for your shoot in hair and makeup. There may be times when you'll have to arrive "camera ready" and in those instances, you'll be in the comfort of your own ba

Signing that Contract!

You've found an agency that's interested in you! YAY! This is the moment that all model hopefuls wait for. But just because there is someone who wants to represent you, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a complete green light. Thoroughly check out the agency (if it's a top market agency like FORD, Elite, etc., then it's a given that they're the real deal), learn how long the agency has been in business, how many models it represents and what the list of clients are and who they've worked with in the past. When you meet with the interested agent, take your time getting to know them and don't just listen to them talk about themselves. Ask questions, even ones you may think are dumb and make sure you are satisfied with every answer they give you. Lay out a clear outline of what the agency expects of you and vice-versa. In other words, make sure that you know how the agent is going to market and represent you and let them know the type of mo

How Much Does Modeling Cost?

Getting started in modeling isn't going to be free, but it doesn't have to put you in the hole, either. The main factors where money and modeling come into play deal with photography and putting together a portfolio. Notice, I didn't mention paying money to get signed with an agency. That's because legit, reputable agencies will NOT CHARGE YOU UP FRONT IN ORDER TO SIGN WITH THEM. If this is what you're dealing with, you need to run the other way! Any so-called agency that requires you to pay money up front--in other words, they want you to pay before offering you a contract--is not operating as a true agency and you should be suspicious. All that aside, when you get signed, you will need a top-notch portfolio that your agent can use to begin submitting you for jobs. More than likely, your agent will give you a list of photographers that they know and recommend. The prices and rates for each will vary so if you want to go this route, expect to pay somewh

Updating Your Portfolio

If you already have a portfolio and have a couple of gigs under your belt, that's great. One thing you always want to make sure of is that you are updating your looks in your portfolio. With each gig/booking you get, you need to include key shots from that shoot in your portfolio. Maybe it's been a while since you've gotten work and your photos need some updating. It's as simple as arranging for a TFP/TFCD . The easiest way to make sure you always have current shots in your portfolio is to do at least one photo shoot a month. If you're able to do at least two to three different looks per shoot, you'll have more than enough to update your portfolio. In order to draw clients, you're always going to want to have something new to show. Take this time to do some looks or themes that may be really out there or something you normally don't do. You never know when such shots will come in handy. This can range from wearing wigs and crazy makeup to po

The Go-See

A Go-See is actually what it sounds like: you go to see a client that is interested in booking you for a gig, whether it's a photo shoot for their brand/company, a runway show, etc. It's important that once you know the date and time for your go-see, that you arrive early with plenty of time to spare. Give yourself plenty of time to get gas, run errands or get lost trying to find the place. There have been many times when I've left super early if I had to go somewhere that I wasn't familiar with. It makes you feel a whole lot better when you're lost and driving in circles, to know that soon as you find your way, you'll still have a good half hour or so before your actual appointment time. There is no excuse for you to show up late to a go-see. That's one way to lose a booking right away, not to mention that it makes a bad first impression. When you meet the client, be polite and personable. Give him or her a firm handshake and a genuine smile.

Age and Modeling

There is such a thing as being too young. In the beginning, agents were scouting girls as young as 13 to become top models, but when it comes to submitting yourself, the situation may be a little different. When an agent scouts someone, that means that the girl in question didn't submit her photos or make the first move. Scouts find potential models everywhere, from shopping malls, restaurants to theme parks. This expedites (or moves along) the process quicker, because the agency is already interested in this model and if she is young, they'll definitely make an exception to the rule. However, if you are the one inquiring about representation and you're going through the regular channels or attending open calls, or submitting your photos, an agent may not want to sign you if you are really young. Whatever the case may be for you, if an agent tells you that you are indeed too young and to come back in a few years, please take the advice. It may be devastating news

The Height Factor

Height doesn't have to make or break your shot at a modeling career . For years, fashion and runway modeling has reigned supreme for decades, so many people believe that this is the type of modeling all of us should go for. And if we don't fit the height requirement? Well, then that's the end of it and we should go about our daily lives. Well, I disagree with that and I am trying to get others to feel the same. Everyone is so obssessed with being a fashion/runway model and when they find that they are too short, they either give up any hope of being a model altogether, or they sourly decide they'll "settle" for commercial/print. If you just don't have the height, then that's fine but it doesn't mean that you can't be successful as a commercial/print model. I think that the media portrays fashion and runway to be way more glamorous than it really is and that only models in this part of the industry will make the big bucks. That may be

America's Next Top Model Critique

I wish that just once I could sit in on the judging panel of America's Next Top Model so I could have five minutes to slap all those girls across the face (well not all but a good majority) and tell them to stop crying, whining, complaining and bitching about every little thing! This is a prime example of how a model should NOT be. Even though it is only the second week of the latest cycle and most of these girls don't have any legit modeling experience whatsoever, they are already taking many things for granted and acting like they deserve to be there. There are only a handful of girls that this does not apply to and they know who they are because they keep it real and they stay focused. The statement I heard the most during last night's episode, was how all the other models got to do themes that they were already good at, while others pouted and complained that they didn't get the theme they wanted. Ladies, let me tell you right now: modeling is not an industr

A Note to the Parents

Normally it's the child who comes to the parent with the notion that they want to be in the modeling or entertainment industry. But there are parents who dream of making their kids stars and automatically devote time and money to help their son or daughter make it "big". Well, I have a few words of wisdom for you. Be honest with yourself The first thing you need to ask yourself is, "Is this something that my child wants to really do, or is this something that I really want them to do?" It's important to realize the signs that your child truly is happy and enthusiastic about going after this goal. The last thing they need is you putting pressure or pushing them to perform if it's not something their heart isn't fully committed to. Don't let your child's education and childhood take a backseat In the rush to put your child in front of every modeling and talent agency known to Man, friends, hobbies, outside interests and school act

Plastic Surgery

I am a firm believer in being happy with what you were born with. When I was younger, I toyed with the idea of getting breast implants but as the years passed and I finished fully developing, I found that I was just the right size. I would never dream about getting any type of plastic surgery now. Of course, I can only speak for myself on this issue. There are a number of girls out there who have had plastic surgery in the hopes of being more successful in modeling. In my opinion, if you are thinking of getting plastic surgery for any reason other than a pre-existing condition, to correct a deformity, or because you genuinely want to feel good about yourself, then you are going about it for the wrong reasons. You should never go under knife for a career boost. To me, it just isn't worth the time or money. It can seem easy for younger girls to think about getting breasts implants because their chest isn't growing to the size that they want but it's also dangerous

It's Not Always Fun and Games

Modeling isn't all fun and glamour all the time. This is the understatment of the year. The best models and photographers are those who can take a photo so good that when you look at it, you'd never be able to tell that there were any problems. A lot comes with the territory of being involved in the modeling industry and for some it may be a cakewalk, especially if you've already got a fair amount of experience, but for newer models, you may be in for quite a ride. Know that at one time or another in your modeling career, you will be posing in very cold temperatures. You may be wearing a bathing suit or some other outfit that shows some skin and you will be freezing your butt off. But guess what? All that has to take a backseat 'cause you've got a job to do and you've gotta keep smiling and posing as if it were the middle of July! I've shot in San Francisco in both a thin dress as well as a bikini in windy and cold 50-60 degree weather. Surprisi

Add Some Music to Your Life!

Noting gets me in the mood to pose/shoot like having music playing. If you've been having difficulty trying to relax or get comfortable enough to let loose during a shoot, I highly recommend putting together a mix CD to play while you're shooting. No matter what kind of music you like, having a familiar element around will help you remain calm and focused, and it gives you something to move to so that your poses come naturally. Giselle plays classical music during her shoots. I have different mix CDs, and depending on the moood/theme/look I'm trying to create, that's the CD I'll choose. I'm more partial to R&B and Hip Hop, simply because the beats are very edgy, sexy and seductive. I don't pay attention to the lyrics, but tune in to the base line and the overall groove. If I'm doing a shoot where I need to feel sexy, I'll play my "Model Mixx Vol. 1 'The Take Over'", which is actually my favorite one so far. It has so

Makeup Tips for Hispanic Skin

The best thing you can do in addition to learning how to apply your own makeup is to know what colors and makeup styles are right for your skin tone. With the advancement of cosmetic companies creating colors for every shade under the sun, there should be no excuse for you to not know what eye shadows, lipsticks, blush, etc., will complement your skin. We'll focus on makeup for Hispanic skin. Hispanic Skin: - Many Hispanic women have naturally medium to darker skin tones. Enhance and don't overdo or undermine your darker skin tone and dramatic features. - Because this skin tone tends to have a very dramatic look--dark brows, eyes and lips--you need to apply your makeup in a way that maximizes the overall effect. Look into mineral-based foundations, and ask a makeup expert to help you select the right shade. - Go for soft colors such as pinks and mauves for lipstick and eye colors. Avoid browns and burgundy colors, since these tend to make you look overly dramatic a

Makeup Tips for Asian Skin

The best thing you can do in addition to learning how to apply your own makeup is to know what colors and makeup styles are right for your skin tone. With the advancement of cosmetic companies creating colors for every shade under the sun, there should be no excuse for you to not know what eye shadows, lipsticks, blush, etc., will complement your skin. We'll focus on makeup for Asian skin. Asian Skin: - When it comes to foundation, keep in mind that the majority of Asian skin has a yellow undertone. You never want to appear chalky or like a ghost by using foundation meant for different undertones. Choose a shade that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible--no darker and no lighter. If in doubt, ask a makeup expert to help you pick your shade. - Eye makeup should be limited to browns and blacks. Espresso shades with shimmer, as well as plums, raisin and grays look stunning. - To make your eyes appear larger or add more depth, consider applying eye makeup w

Makeup Tips for African-American Skin Tones

The best thing you can do in addition to learning how to apply your own makeup is to know what colors and makeup styles are right for your skin tone. With the advancement of cosmetic companies creating colors for every shade under the sun, there should be no excuse for you to not know what eye shadows, lipsticks, blush, etc., will complement your skin. First, we'll focus on makeup for African-American skin. - Knowing the undertones of your skin will help you select the right colors. Ebony and other darker skin tones normally have cool, blue undertones and brown and caramel complexions tend to have warm gold undertones. If you don't know what undertones are, the simplest way to explain it is to put yourself out in the sun and note what colors show through the most in the sunlight. - The best choice is to use lines that specialize in makeup for women of color. These lines will already have most of the right colors to match your complexion so you don't have to do th