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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Being Around Other Models

Thanks to Glamour from YM.com for suggesting this excellent topic, as well as the one below: "The Anatomy of a Photo Shoot."

There will be times when it won't be all about you and you will have to shoot and interact with other models, male or female. This is a part of the industry where having an outgoing personality and solid people skills will serve you best.

Chemistry can be captured in a photograph--so can faking it. It won't always be rainbows and butterflies but when it comes to posing or being around other models, keeping your cool and knowing your self-worth will always pay off.

In the fashion/runway world, you can't do a runway show by yourself. You'll be required to walk the same catwalk with a score of other models and you all deserve to be there, so don't give in to insecurities or allow catty models to make you feel inferior. If there is a model who you don't get along with, stay out of each other's way. If she is provoking you, then kill her with kindness.

Do not retaliate because that only produces sore losers. Make her feel stupid by ignoring her and focus on what you have to do. This of course is a worst-case scenario, and it isn't always how the media portrays it. Many of these models get along like sisters or girlfriends and when that chemistry is shared, then you all can shine without overshadowing anyone else.

Posing with other models during a photo shoot is easy in my opinion, but can take some getting used to at first. You have to be able to play off one another. If you feel awkward, it will show in the photos so you have to put any negative thoughts aside because the person you are shooting with will have to be your best friend that day and you need to treat each other as if you've known one another for years.

It can be intimidating to work with or be around other models that you've never met before, but as I've stated before, a good model will accept and look forward to any challenge that is put in front of her/him. I've been in situations where I've worked with other models and had a blast.

We keep in touch and hang out, go to dinner, have some drinks, whatever. If you can make a new friend afterwards, that's great because there may be a time where you have to work with that model again and you'll already have an established relationship.

On the flip side, I've also worked with models where we didn't have to pose together but we did have to be around each other for the same shoot. One of the girls was very overly confident and always talking about all these great shoots she did and what places she was going to be flying to. Personally, I can't stand models who name-drop and brag about their gigs if they aren't asked.

If people want to know what I've done, all they need to do is ask. I don't have to brag and boast because that's not what got me to where I am. One of the other girls had never modeled and it was clear that she was intimidated and felt threatened by me and one other girl.

 As girls sometimes do, they play favorites and she did try to turn the others against me. Which was fine, because I wasn't there to be her best friend--I was there to work. I paid her no mind and the other models didn't play her game, either. We were all cordial to each other but knew that we weren't going to be best buddies. And that's okay.

No matter what your situation, being around other models is always going to involve some kind of ego, jealousy or intimidation. And it's natural if it's you who is feeling this way. BUT you cannot translate that into your work. Sometimes you'll have to fake it, but in a natural way. Hard to explain, but when you're in that situation, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

My secret to getting along with other models? Humor. I like to show that they can talk to me and joke around. I'll always say something sarcastic or funny to show them that I'm comfortable being there and that I'm not threatened by them and that they shouldn't feel threatened by me.

There are so many negative stereotypes about how models treat each other and act around one another, that when a model actually opens up and is the opposite of that stereotype, it's a shock but it also helps other models realize that they don't have to be on their guard all the time with the competition. There are more catty/snobbish models than down-to-earth ones, and those are the ones that I stay away from or at least ignore.

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