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Quick Tip #65

Category: Photoshoots For: Male & Female Models (Freelance & Agency Repped) The great thing about magazine publications becoming digital is that it opens the doors to models of all types, shapes and sizes to be eligible for submitting their images for consideration. However, it can be tricky to figure out how to determine which publications you'll want to submit to and what to send. Already have images from a shoot you've done that you feel belong in a magazine? While the hard part has been taken care of (getting the photos), it can be challenging to then match up what magazines you'll want to send your submission to. To make the process a bit easier to navigate, think in terms of theme. Do the images you have follow a specific theme or concept (i.e. glamour, summer fun, fantasy, winter, extreme beauty looks)? If so, narrow down your search by looking for publications that would match your theme. Many magazines (both print and digital) specialize in cert