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Friday, November 19, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #98

Anonymous Wrote: 

How do I get signed if I'm 14, and have braces? Do you think it will be a problem?

Hi, Anonymous! Your first step is to find modeling agencies in your city. It is best to submit to agencies that are within a two hour's drive from where you live. Once you know the names of the agencies, which can be done by doing an online search, you can visit the agency's official website, which will list their guidelines for how you can submit yourself as a potential model. Follow the directions as they are stated on the site. If, for some reason, this kind of information is not on the site, then you can try calling and asking what the requirements are.

As far as whether your braces will be a problem, there is no black or white answer to that. It strictly varies from person to person and situation to situation. It can be difficult to find modeling assignments for models with braces because there is such a limited market for it, but there have been models that have managed to get signed and find work with their braces. On the other hand, there are some agencies that will only sign a model after the braces have been taken off.

The only way you'll know for sure whether an agency will sign you with your braces is to send in your pictures or attend an open casting call so start doing your research, locate those agencies and find out what they want so that you can submit yourself.

Good luck!


AveryJ said...

Thanks so much for your help!
What agencies have you been working with?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, AveryJ! You'll find your answer in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #99." Thanks for reading!