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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest Gig: Salon Blu Hair & Fashion Show Part II - The Outfits & The Show

For the Cocoa Jeans segment, I got to wear light colored jeans, black heels and a black Cocoa Jeans midriff shirt. For The Constance Label segment I got a very sexy black, baby doll dress that was super short, sleeveless and had a mesh/see-through section that ran down the middle of my chest (thank goodness for double-sided tape!).

The Von Gutenberg outfit was insanely cool, especially since I had never worn latex clothing before. Because the latex material is so skin tight, we were not allowed to wear any underwear. That meant the chosen 6-7 models for the segment had to get in the nude and have our bodies oiled by a female helper. Erik Von Gutenberg himself helped each of us climb into our outfits. For my outfit, it took nearly 30 minutes from start to finish!

After securing me in my full body, turquoise bodysuit, he helped me climb into the black, lace up boots, which had a 5-6 inch heel. The black latex gloves finished off the look. I took some time to get my makeup redone, which consisted of adding more color to my eyes and getting red, glitter lip color. They also added a special veil that was made of braided, synthetic hair. Afterwards, I practiced walking in the insanely high boots and prayed that I didn't fall and break my ankle (one girl took a tumble backstage but thankfully she was okay). We were told to take our time while walking, which was fine with me!

Because the fashion show took place in the salon, there was no stage. Instead they laid out a red carpet along the floor, to form a T, with the top left part of the T leading into one room and the top right part leading into another room on the other side. It was standing room only for the audience and there were tons of photographer stationed at the top, middle of the T as well as in the adjacent rooms.

The choreography was fairly simple: walk the length of the T until we reached the middle. Stop and pose for the first group of photogs, then walk off to the left into the other room up to the end of the red carpet. Then pose for the photogs in that room, then walk back, pass the middle spot and continue into the room on the opposite side, stop and pose, then go back to the middle of the T, pose one last time, then head back up the length of the T and go backstage.

It was such an adrenaline rush to be in front of so many photographers at each stopping point. There were so many flashbulbs going off that it was truly a paparazzi moment. My outfit during the Von Gutenberg segment was a huge hit and one of the audience's favorites.

After the show, there was a mixer/networking event and I was able to introduce myself to some of the photographers afterwards. One of the contacts I made is the designer for high end watches and he has recruited me to do an editorial shoot for his latest line of watches. He showed me the previous shoots they have done and they are truly amazing in quality--not to mention he also has celebrities that endorse his watches, including Adrianne Curry, Shemar Moore and an NFL player (can't remember his name).

That shoot is either going to take place in the last week of December or mid-January. The second contact I made was with a local beauty/editorial photographer who wants to do an extreme hair and makeup theme with me. When I told him that I was normally a commercial/print model, he just about fainted LOL. I couldn't believe it when he told me that I could pull off high fashion looks just as well as the next tall, industry standard model. It was definitely a compliment that made my night.

I had a great time and hope to work with Salon Blu and the other designers in the near future, should they be in need of models for other events. While the show itself went by like a blur, I have a lot of great memories...and pictures! I'm also looking forward to the opportunities that will come up as a result of being a part of the show.

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