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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest Gig: Salon Blu Hair & Fashion Show Part I - The Preparation

I was finally able to gather some images from the last fashion show I did, which took place at a local, upscale salon called Salon Blu. The event overall was a great success and in addition to showcasing the clothing of three designers as well as the hair and makeup done by the Salon Blu staff, the show also served as a Toys for Tots drive.

The three designers being featured were Cocoa Jeans, The Constance Label and Von Gutenberg Couture. There were about 12-13 female models total.

The call time for the models was 2:00pm. As is my habit, I arrived early and had a chance to chat with a few of the models that also came ahead of time. As we were getting hair and makeup taken care of, we found out that the outfits for the Von Gutenberg Couture line had not arrived yet and because the clothes were made of latex, the people in charge of the fashion show were not able to choose which models would get to wear the line, since the sizing was very specific. So for most of the show I was in limbo as to whether I would do the third and final segment or not.

Overall, the first two segments called for a high fashion look in terms of hair and makeup but for the Von Gutenberg segment, they wanted to take the hair and makeup to the extreme. This made it difficult for me to get my hair and makeup done because unless I was going to be in the third segment, the salon didn't want to do any extreme looks with me.

Needless to say I was a bit frustrated because as the clock wound down to showtime, which was at 7:00pm, I had yet to get my hair and makeup completed. As the hours went by, I eventually heard through the grapevine that I would more than likely do the third segment and was finally given the green light to get full hair and makeup.

I was fortunate to have Salon Blu's master stylist and owner, James Griffiths, work on my hair. Since James loves doing anything but ordinary, he went ahead and gave me a very high fashion hairstyle: he swept up my hair into a French roll and then took a huge mass of synthetic hair, balled it up into a massive bun, secured it with a black net and pinned it to top of my head, slightly off center. I thought it was very cool! For my makeup, I had a smokey eye with purple eye shadow, false lashes and hot pink eye shadow that ran underneath my eyes. My lips were kept at a more neutral color and my cheeks were contoured using powder.

Now that my look was together, it was time to figure out what outfits I would wear!

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