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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Perks of Arriving Early to a Modeling Gig

"If you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late!'" This is a saying that my high school math teacher taught me and it stuck with me my whole life. I've found that this is especially crucial when it comes to modeling.

Being professional is a huge part of leading a successful modeling career and that means being where you're supposed to be when you're told to be there. While it is important to arrive early for castings, go-sees and fittings, it is even more important to be early for actual shoots, fashion shows and other related events. Why? The following perks listed below will serve as your answer:

1. It makes a great impression. Being early may be a small thing to most people but to the client you are working for, it speaks volumes to your professionalism and shows right away that you take what you do seriously.

2. You'll have less to worry about. When you're early you'll often get the heads up on how the shoot/show will be run and will have the opportunity to check out the location you're at, who you'll be working with, etc. This is a great time for you to prepare yourself for what's ahead. You'll also be the first to know of any last minute changes as well as be present for any instructions you'll need to follow. Running late means you'll have play catch up, which can be annoying for the client and the other models involved.

3. Dibs on hair and makeup. This is hands down my FAVORITE perk when it comes to showing up to a modeling gig early. I can't tell you how many countless times I've had the chance to be the first person to get my hair, makeup and wardrobe taken care of because I arrived before everyone else. Usually the hair/makeup/wardrobe folks will take their time with the first model, too, so you get to sit back, relax and chat while waiting for the other models to arrive.

4. Star treatment. While this may not be the case every single time, being the first one to arrive early usually opens the door for you to be the "favorite." The photographer/designer/client is usually eager to get the job started and if you're the only person present, chances are they'll give you the best wardrobe or give you more attention/camera time.

These perks definitely apply when you are involved in a modeling gig that requires more than one model. While you should still be on your best behavior and not snub the other models, enjoy the attention you'll get from the client by being the first one to appear on the scene. Clients don't just remember the bad things they've witnessed models doing, they also recognize (and remember) the good stuff.

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