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Monday, December 27, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #108

Anonymous Wrote:

Hey, Dania!
Im Melissa =)

My life is modeling. I love to model, i cant go one day without thinking about modeling. I look up to VS models like, Adriana, Candice, Rosie and Miranda. Therefor my dream is to become a VS Angel. I live in the Miami area so my first step to start working my way up to become a VS Angel is to signing up for Elite. *I would like to know the price ranges for enrolling with Elite?* I'm only 14 so i know i cant be an Angel till I'm 18 so for now what i want to do is start a modeling career in general. My measurements are bust:34 chest:29 hips:28 and my height is 5"7. I believe i have the body and the look. *Will there be a chance for me to be singed up with Elite?* and soon hopefully VS. Your answers for previous questions has helped me a lot. Please and Thank you!!! 

Hi, Melissa! Pleased to meet you and thanks for the questions, especially since they are different from the same ones I keep getting from readers when it comes to my VS post LOL. If you are already 5'7" at age 14, you're on the right path. You are also correct in pursuing modeling now with an agency in order to build up your career and portfolio until you turn 18 and are eligible to be considered for VS.

To answer your first question, there is no enrollment fee to join an agency like Elite. They are a well-known agency and as such, they do not charge upfront fees for you to become a model with them. If they like your look and feel you are marketable, they will offer you a modeling contract for free. From there it will be up to them to decide whether they will cover the costs of putting together your test shoot to create your modeling portfolio and comp/zed cards, or if they'll allow you to find your own photographers. Additionally, they will train you as needed and develop your skills so you don't have to worry about attending a modeling school, paying for classes or anything like that. Even sending in your pictures or attending an open casting call is free.

Your age, height and measurements so far are good...the minimum height for fashion modeling is 5'8" but many agencies are now accepting girls at 5'7" if they are between the ages of 13-16, since this means there is a chance that you'll grow taller as you get older. So definitely look into the Elite Miami office and see what happens! If you need more assistance, drop me a personal email, which you'll find under my Blogger profile.

I wish you the best of luck!!!

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