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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Video Clips - Dania Denise @ the Salon Blu Fashion Show

I had the great opportunity to be one of the fashion models for a local hair and fashion show, which was held at Salon Blu in the South Bay Area (that's in California, for those of you that are not from the Golden State). Soon as I get pictures from the show I'll do another post detailing my experience from beginning to end.

I was able to get some video clips, however, from one of the people that attended the show. Unfortunately, they're posted through Facebook so I don't have the actual video to embed so if you've got a FB, you should be able to view it without any problems.

This first video clip is from the second segment of the show, where we wore dresses by designer Constance Ng of The Constance Label. If you fast forward to 1:34, you'll see me in a black, babydoll dress:

Salon Blu Fashion Show - The Constance Label Segment

The last segment of the show was the Von Gutenberg Couture segment, where 5-7 models were selected out of the group of 13 to wear the skin-tight, latex outfits. I'll have to tell you the story in another post about how it felt to wear latex lol, but if you fast forward to 1:28 you'll see me arrive backstage after doing my thang on the runway. I'm wearing a turquoise body suit with super high black boots and black gloves. I didn't know I was being videotaped so you'll see me dancing and acting silly haha:

Salon Blu Fashion Show - Backstage During the Von Gutenberg Couture Segment

The fashion show was a great success and I had the opportunity to network with amazing people, who already have me on tap for shoots in 2011. One of them asked me to be the latest face for a designer watch company in their upcoming editorial spread. Sweet!

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