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Monday, June 4, 2007

Female Model Posing With a Male Model

Ladies, this is where being a model definitely pays off! If you've never posed with a male model before, it's something you need to get used to doing. Not only does experience shooting with another model look great for your portfolio but it also helps to build up your people skills.

Not all models go solo on their shoots and if you have the right chemistry, any couple photo with a male and female model can turn out amazing.

If you're a shy person, throw all your insecurities out the window. The camera will capture any hesitancy or awkwardness between you and the male model. Just because you're posing with a man, does not mean the shoot or poses are going to get freaky. The model will respect your boundaries but you also have to keep in mind that the two of you have to capture moments as if you are the most perfect couple in the world.

Get to know your partner in the beginning of the shoot. Joke and play around as if you've known him for a long time. If you can act naturally and be comfortable with him then this will come across in your photos. When it comes to poses, there will be touching. This doesn't give him the green light to cop a feel so if you're iffy about people touching you, don't worry.

This is a job after all and you're there to sell the image, not your personal beliefs about how you feel about a guy touching you. Learn to get comfortable holding each other in an embrace. Don't be afraid to look him in the eye. Eye contact shows intimacy and when the camera captures that, it's magic.

Here's a great example of how eye contact adds to the romance of the image:

If either of the models had been turning away from each other, say to face the camera, that bond would have been broken and the vibe wouldn't have been the same.

There are ways to pose with a male model where it doesn't have to be so sexual. Often the best poses are the ones that are simple but still maintain that male/female connection.

Here's an example of a simple but fun pose:

When all else fails, use the location of the shoot to come up with suitable poses for you and your modeling partner. Play off of random objects and don't forget to keep your model composure. Swinging on a ladder may seem like the perfect pose but if you don't maintain your model stance, the picture will look awkward. When coming up with poses, play off each other and see what works. Don't just try to come up with good poses, come up with poses that will photograph well. There is a difference.

Great example of poses where the models use their surroundings:

Posing with a male model can be super fun if you have the right chemistry. When you look into his eyes, picture your boyfriend, favorite male celeb or your secret crush. For that moment in time, the male model you're posing with is your true love and to be successful in this type of shoot, you have to push that attitude and sell that image. When people look at your photo, you want them to see two people madly in love, not two models. And it can be done with enough practice.

Just because you're getting close with a male model doesn't mean you're cheating on your boyfriend...this is a part of your job, just like when Hollywood actors do a love scene. This doesn't mean you're degrading yourself or anything negative like that.

 If you've got an excellent photographer and both you and your posing partner know each other's comfort zones, there should be no reason you can't pull off a series of couple shoots that you can be proud of and wouldn't be afraid to show other people, including your significant other (unless they have jealousy issues, then those photos are best left to your eyes only...lol).

If you're a prude or really old fashioned, learning this skill will make or break your modeling career so get out of your comfort zone and learn to fall in love with a beautiful stranger for a day!

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