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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #2

Anonymous Wrote:

hey dania! great job on the blog!

i actually had a quick question for you. my friend just got a contract with jrp (john robert powers acting and modeling school). i was just wondering if this is legit. do you know anything about it?

Actually, JRP is NOT a modeling agency they are a school. Period. So many people (not saying you lol) believe that JRP is a modeling agency and that their "contract" is the same as a modeling contract. It isn't. They charge aspiring models and actors hundreds to thousands of dollars to take classes that will teach them about the industry from professionals. They get to put together their portfolios and meet with modeling agencies in the hopes of getting signed. I personally went with a friend to their open casting call and he auditioned and did a terrible job but the casting guy loved him and said that he could really make it big if he took their classes for a few months...and only for a total of about $1,200. Geez. These folks are more interested in selling people their dreams for a price and will accept people who in reality do not have what it takes.

JRP is often misunderstood and called a scam but it is legal for them to charge those ridiculous fees because they are a "school" and not an "agency" and it is illegal for modeling agencies to charge such fees. However, JRP and others like it can never guarantee that you will get signed. You pay them the money and go through the process at your own risk. If you don't get signed by anyone in the end you don't have anything except your photos and experience and they have all your money.

They are legit business-wise but I would never recommend anyone to enroll in a modeling school or take classes when they can easily visit actual modeling agencies themselves for free and find out from the actual people there if they can make it in the industry or not. Some people have gone on to get signed from JRP and lead great careers but it's not an outstanding enough number to really convince me that it's worth spending the money. Just my point of view but if money isn't an issue then your friend can do it if she wants but she should take a shot at going to castings herself first. Exhaust all possibilities first and THEN turn to an operation like JRP. Contrary to popular belief, modeling agencies WANT GIRLS WITH LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE and will openly state that they frown upon those who have gone through classes and schools. Just something to keep in mind.

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for answering my question (and so quickly too)! that helped me understand it so much! keep up the great work. your blog is so enjoyable to read, and is very trustworthy as well.