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Monday, November 28, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #244

Kbrie Wrote:

I am 16 years old 5'7 115 pounds and have a c/d cup . DoI have a body that would work? I have always loved being in front of the camera and I was wondering how I would go about pursuing this. Victoria secret modeling has always been my dream . Any tips? 

Hi, Kbrie! Unfortunately, I would need your exact measurements (bust, waist and hips) in order to know whether or not your body type would be ideal for VS modeling. Since you have to be at least 18 for this kind of modeling, you still have a few years ahead of you but you're one inch shy of the minimum height requirement, which is 5'8". Exceptions are only made if a model has a spectacular look but this doesn't happen all the time. You also have to live and be an agency represented, working model in New York City, which is known for being the toughest market in the country for models.

You are the ideal height for commercial/print. My best piece of advice would be to seek out modeling agencies within a 2 hour's drive from where you live that represent commercial/print and teen models. The agency websites will list all of the information you'll need to know in order to pursue a modeling career. If you need help finding local, legit agencies near you, I'll need to know the city and state you live in but not your exact mailing address. This info can be posted as a comment here or by emailing me at: daniadenise@gmail.com.

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