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Monday, November 14, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #225

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania! Yesterday I went to an open call for an agency I've been wanting to get signed to for a long time, and they gave me a form to fill out (a scouted models snap request form if that makes a difference). The form asks for piuctures of my measurements and certain positions with no makeup (like front, shoulders up, hair up, etc.)It also asked me to take pictures wearing whatever I like that show my personality. I'm not exactly sure what this means- how literal do they want me to be? Thanks so much! 

Hi, Anonymous! Congrats on this first step in being considered by an agency! If they do not provide any photo references, you should follow their instructions to a tee as far as the types of shots they want. Remember to have someone else take your snapshots for you--no camera phone or mirror photos!

As to what you should wear, since they encourage you to wear whatever you want, that means you don't have to necessarily wear the "model's uniform" of dark, skinny jeans, heels and a form fitting tank top or t-shirt. However, you should still avoid outfits that have brand names, logos, designs or other super distracting designs/patterns. Heels should definitely be included, of course. For the style of clothing, that is up to you but opt for something that is form fitting so they can see your body. Maybe a cute dress or skirt/shorts paired with a blouse type of ensemble?

If you're still in doubt, it doesn't hurt to contact them and ask if they have any suggestions about what you should wear in your snapshots or if there are things they definitely don't want you to wear. You've already made contact with them before so they'll more than likely make time to answer your questions.

I hope that helps and good luck to you!!!

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