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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #241

Ashley Wrote:

this blog is so helpful to me thank you so much!! i have one question though- i know you probably get alot of these so sorry about that but i'm 16 years old and 5'6, 105 pounds and my measurements are about 32-23-33. am i to short to model? i often get people asking me if i model but i don't want to go in to it if i am to short to get anywhere. i mean Kate Moss was 5'7 but then again she is crazy talented!!! Also i have one more quick question- do you have any suggestions about the best agencies out there that represent commercial or print models?? i sort of live in the middle of nowhere so there are really no agencies close to me... anyways thankyou!!!

Hey there, Ashley! You're very welcome...thank you for being a reader, I greatly appreciate you!!! No apologies needed for asking questions--it all serves the same purpose of educating others like my regular posts do so thanks for sharing your questions!

You are NOT too short to model--you're just too short to do fashion, runway and editorial modeling according to agency standards. Your weight and measurements are stellar so no worries there. That being said, you'll want to check out agencies that have commercial/print and even teen modeling divisions since you are 16. I would love to give you names of possible agencies to research but I need to know the city and state where you live (not your mailing address though). Even though you live in the "middle of nowhere" maybe I can get lucky and find at least one or two agencies near you. So go ahead and comment back on this post (or email me: daniadenise@gmail.com) and let me know your city/state of residence and I'll see what I can do. :-)

Ashley Also Wrote:

i would really love a post on fitness!!! (especially how to get that nice line down the middle of your stomach! as hard as i try it ends up an awkward one pack...)

Hi, again! I will make sure to add that fitness topic to my list of posts to write and promise I will cover that subject in the very near future. In case you haven't already, you can read a post I did about fitness modeling, which may be of some interest to you:

Spots & Fitness Modeling

To answer your immediate question about the line down the middle of your stomach, below is info that I found in my research that you may want to try out, which has to do with further developing the muscles in your stomach:

A good ab exercise is lying flat on your back, arms by your side and raising both feet together 2 inches off the ground. Raise them to about 6 inches off the ground and then back to 2. This will help build up the muscle.

To get that toned 'line', sit-ups are where you want to go. 10 normal sit-ups (keeping the knees bent and feet flat on the ground) followed by ten sit-up twists, i.e. instead of just sitting up, you sit up and twist your body. A good way to do it is to touch your left elbow off your right knee and then the right elbow off your left knee. Repeat this circuit a few times.

Body type has a lot to do with it as well...some girls/women easily develop that line, while others simply can't get it no matter how many exercises they do. Hope that helps and be on the lookout for a modeling-related fitness post soon!


Anonymous said...

Should married female models be careful when working with male photographers, models, or even clients, especially if they are single and might tempt them to cheat on their husbands? I know some married female models whose husbands caught them cheating with either male photographers, models, or clients, especially through websites like Model Mayhem, Craigslist, or any model/talent social networking site. In addition to that, these female models' husbands divorced them and got custody of their children. I know male models who are married are able to resist such temptation, especially when working with female photgraphers, models, or clients, even when are sketchy, including married ones. But for married female models, it's a lot harder to resist temptation to cheat on their husbands when they are working with male photographers, models, or clients because they easily too close and persistent when a female model is married, even if she keeps saying no to having extramarital affairs with them or keeps ignoring them. Is it possible to continue modeling as a married female model?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #243." Thanks for reading!