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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #218

Anonymous Wrote:

Hey Dania,
Just out of curiosity, how much do VS models get paid? 

Hey there, Anonymous! VS doesn't publish their pay rates so I actually do not know the specific amount they pay their models. The majority of the work is catalog, however, which pays "okay" according to industry standards but of course if you're consistently shooting for VS's catalogs, you can stand to collect a good income over that period of time. Catalog work in general typically doesn't pay big bucks because these types of publications have to create new content frequently, so in a business sense it doesn't work to pay a load of money every single time the images need to be updated for the catalog. It is more cost effective to offer a modest pay rate to a VS model because not only will they be receiving consistent work if the company likes them and they sell the clothes/items, but plenty of tearsheets for their portfolio as well. So it's a fair trade in that sense.

Catalog work in general pays a few hundred dollars per shoot. Since VS is a huge company--and a very profitable one at that--they may pay slightly higher but in general, catalog can pay anywhere from $300-$750 per shoot.

However, there is a difference in pay between VS models and VS Angels. Many people do not realize that not all VS models are "Angels." This is a special title that only a few models receive. The difference between the two is that while VS models appear in the catalogs and fashion shows, the Angels serve as the official "Face" for the company. Before any model can reach Angel status, they have to start as a regular VS model. You know who the Angels are because they're the ones that make the covers of the catalogs, appear in the TV commercials, big scale shoots and headline the fashion shows. Angels are paid considerably more because in most cases, they are also supermodels so they get the better paycheck.

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