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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tips for Writing Cover Letters to Modeling Agencies

In your search for a modeling agency you may be required to write a cover letter, which they also call a "Letter of Introduction." For those that are underage, you probably have never had the opportunity to write a cover letter and may be wondering how you should do it.

Just as if you were applying for an actual position/job within a company, the cover letter is a part of the critical "package" you send to agencies and should be done properly.

It isn't rocket science and with practice you'll be able to write a decent cover letter that would impress any modeling agency.

Here are some simple tips you can follow:

- Keep it short and sweet. Cover letters aren't meant to be lengthy. Your cover letter should be one page. Period. If the cover letter you write is longer than one page start doing some serious editing. The good thing is that cover letters for modeling agencies don't have to be so detailed and precise. Use 1.5 or double spacing and choose a font that is readable and not fancy or distracting.

- Format correctly. The top right of the cover letter should contain your full name, mailing address, phone number and email. Remember, a professional email address is a must. After entering this information enter 1-2 spaces, change your text alignment over to the left hand side and then list the name of the modeling agency, the name of the person you are sending the letter to (if you don't know, then the name of the agency will suffice), and the mailing address of the agency. You do not need to include the phone number. Create another space and enter the date. Now you can begin your letter.

- Be concise. Your cover letter should be straight to the point. State your name and that you are interested in seeking agency representation.

- State what you want. Mention the type of modeling you want to do and then briefly list any attributes you feel would make you an ideal model for their agency. Use this part of your cover letter to "sell yourself" in order to persuade the agency to grant you an interview. You can play up your strengths and relate them to the modeling field.

For example, if you are always on time for things you can state how you are very punctual, which can help when it comes to being on time for castings and shoots. Keep the content professional, however. You should come across as smart, capable and mature--even if you are underage.

- Tell them about yourself. Are you a new and inexperienced model hoping to get started in the industry? Are you a working model seeking new representation or a freelance model in need of a good agent? Are you in school? Graduated? Working? This information will help the agency get a better idea of who you are and where you are at in life. If you have experience don't feel the need to brag about what you've appeared in--that's what the resume and your photos are for. Instead, mention how long you have been modeling.

You can mention one or two things you've appeared in but they don't need a list. Are you completely new and clueless about the industry? Don't say that literally but it's okay to state that you're inexperienced, willing to learn and have a strong desire to pursue modeling. If you are currently with an agency but are seeking a new agent, do not mention the name of the agency you are with in your letter. No one likes to hear about the competition. Simply stating you are currently with someone is all the info they need. Only tell them who you are signed with if asked.

- Avoid gushing. As excited as you may be to pursue modeling, your cover letter shouldn't look like a groupie wrote it. Avoid talking at length about how you've wanted to model since you were born and how you love Gisele's hair, Adriana's eyes and how you feel you could be the next top model. Agencies have heard it all before. Leave this type of stuff out of your cover letter.

- Play to the agency's ego. Modeling is a business and one way to impress an agency is to make them realize how good you would be for business and what you can contribute. It doesn't hurt to mention how you admire their agency and would love the opportunity to be on their roster.

- No errors! Your cover letter shouldn't have any grammatical errors, typos or misspellings. Have a parent or friend that is good in English help you write your cover letter if needed and always have it proofread before sending it.

Remember, cover letters to modeling agencies only come into play if the agency requires one. If you come across an agency that doesn't ask for a cover letter/letter of introduction, then you don't need to do one. However, it doesn't hurt, especially if you are new/inexperienced and do not have a written resume to submit.


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