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Thursday, September 12, 2013

ModelingScams.Org - A Site You Should ALL Read

(Thanks to Christie T. for sharing this link and wanting to ensure I pass it on to all my readers...Christie, you rock!)

Modeling scams have been around as long as the industry itself--and it won't go away anytime soon.

I've said a lot of the same things on this blog over and over and over about things like knowing what red flags to be on the lookout for, that new models don't need professional photos or a portfolio to get an agent, that you should never pay upfront fees, etc, etc.

Because it never hurts to reinforce the information I've been providing to readers for years, below is a link to the ModelingScams.Org website. The specific link will take you to the part of the site that talks about Modeling Photography Scams, which are the biggest ripoff that continues to go strong to this day.

You'll see many direct quotes from reputable people within the industry, including established models (Cindy Crawford has a quote on one of the other pages on the site) and even the owners of reputable modeling agencies.

If I can't convince people that jumping up and paying for professional pictures is a huge no-no when you're new and starting out, then maybe the information from the ModelingScams.Org website will:

Modeling Photography Scams - ModelingScams.Org Website

But don't just stop with reading this part of the site. On the left-hand side there are a ton of links to additional articles, information and industry quotes on a variety of modeling industry related subjects that all serve to empower and inform the average consumer, including newbie models and--most important--the parents.

So read, learn and embrace the knowledge this site has to offer. I read over a lot of the articles already and nearly everything mentioned (aside from the legal topics) is stuff I've either covered on this blog, mentioned briefly or at least made sure to establish my personal and professional opinions on.

This is one site I recommend you all bookmark if a career in modeling is a part of your future goals!

1 comment:

Lily Jempson said...

Great post! In addition to the website you suggested, I also found modelscams.org very helpful in giving advice on how to pursue my career in modeling properly and how to avoid fake agencies/photo studios. May I also recommend two books, Shattered Dreams, Broken Promises and The Great Modelling Robbery, both exposing the secrets these bogus agencies use. Worth a read, it helped me a lot! Thanks for the post and advice on what to look out for!