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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Modeling Vouchers

As a model with agency representation, you'll be required to use modeling vouchers. This is a special document that basically makes sure you get paid.

Unlike a model release form, vouchers break down the nitty gritty of the job you're doing, whether it's a photo shoot, fitting, show or other paying gig. Your agent will give you a handful of blank vouchers to keep safe. You must bring a modeling voucher to every booking you get.

There are also voucher books that allow you to organize your vouchers so that you can keep track of the clients you've worked for and your payment history.

On the voucher you will see the name, address and contact information of the agency on the voucher. There will also be room for you to put your name and signature, as well as an area where the client will fill out their company information, address and contact info. The two of you will provide your own signatures, which makes the voucher a binding contact.

Normally there will be a chart on the voucher that must be filled out by the client, such as the time you arrived, the time you finished, the type of gig you are working for, the total number of hours worked and the agreed upon pay rate.

If the voucher is incomplete or missing any information, you and the agency will not be paid so make sure that you are familiar with all the information that must be filled out and double-check it before you leave. If the client has left something out, make sure they correct it because you won't have another chance to get in contact with the client again.

Modeling vouchers usually contain carbon copies underneath that are different colors. Usually the top one is for the client to keep, the second for the agency and the third for you to add to your records. If you run out of vouchers, contact your agent and let them know you need more.

They'll either have you come by the office to pick up more or they may even fax you a blank voucher so you can make your own copies. Use a different voucher for each gig, so if you have three gigs lined up in one day, then bring three vouchers.

It's best to submit your voucher immediately after your job is done. Because snail mail takes too long, it's best to drop it off at the agency's office or fax it to them. If you need to, call your agent to make sure that they received it, as most agencies are too busy with everyday tasks and may not realize that they don't have your voucher until days or weeks later. The reason it is so important to turn your voucher in ASAP is because the longer it takes for your agent to receive and process the voucher, the longer it will take for you to get paid...and you don't want that!

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pinup_girl said...

I love reading your blog because I'm learning more and more about the modeling industry. I never realized how off I was about all of it! You're educating everybody about what really goes on in the modeling world!