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Monday, March 31, 2008

Be Discreet About Your Knowledge of the Industry

As much as I love educating others about the modeling industry and everything it embodies, I do have to warn you about being so free with your knowledge--especially when you start your agency search. There may be times when what you know can work against you.

It may sound strange to read this but modeling agencies get uncomfortable when a model knows "too much." Do they want their models to be dumb? Definitely not but it's very intimidating for them when a model potential knows just as much if not more than they do. Why is that? I'm not exactly sure but it varies from case to case.

I recently spoke with a fellow model friend of mine who just got signed to her first agency after being freelance for a while. She's pretty savvy about the business and has her head on straight so she knew no one was going to run any game on her.

While talking about contract terms, her agent mentioned a topic (I can't recall what it was though) that was verbally promised to her and not included in the contract. So my friend requested that the agent put her verbal promise in writing for her. At that moment, her agent looked hesitant/suspicious and while she did fulfill my friend's request (it is totally legit to request something in writing btw) since that day, she has treated my friend somewhat indifferently.

Needless to say, my friend believes that her small insight to her knowledge of the industry was off putting to her agent and may have caused an unspoken rift between the two. Is anyone to blame? Not necessarily. Is it fair? Nope.

However, like I continuously say, modeling is a business and while agencies are there to promote their models, they first and foremost are trying to make money. Agencies don't take too well to models who openly state how much research they've done, what they know about the industry, etc.

That being said, when it comes to the knowledge that I offer through my blog and through mentoring aspiring/established models online via email, it will be in your best interest to not mention my blog, myself or your affiliation with me to a potential agent you are hoping to get signed with. Any agency will do what it takes to save face and they will have no problems with telling you that what I am doing is wrong, that I am not a credible source of information, etc, etc, etc.

To be fair, I am not affiliated personally with any agencies or staff and mentioning me or my blog isn't going to get you in good with anyone in the modeling industry. Does that mean that you should stop reading my blog or contacting me for information/guidance/advice? Of course not! BUT you should keep all of the information you get from me and from your own research to yourself while pursuing your modeling career. I

nstead of showcasing all of your knowledge (which is a great way to turn an agency away from you) keep it to yourself and draw upon it when you find yourself in certain situations. Play along if you have to, just don't let on that you know more than you really do.

Oh, and that isn't a free ticket to play dumb. LOL. Still be your smart and savvy self but just be cautious about letting an agency know that you've done a lot of research and just let things work for you.

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Anonymous said...

Good advice - thanks Dania!