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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #68

Forever21 Wrote:

I got scouted at 15 but my parents moved from chicago and away from the agency so it didn't happen and i gave up. I just turned 21 and was thinking about trying again? sending in pictures? im 5' 8', medium brown skin..I'm mixed, I know my age is against me, should I not even bother that on top of that I'm a minority? 

You will never know unless you try! I say go for it. You meet the minimum height requirement and even though 21 in the fashion world is considered "old", if you look youthful and meet the size requirements then you shouldn't have any problems. If you were scouted when you were 15, that obviously showed that you have potential. Although models of color are not exactly a common sight on runways that does not mean that you automatically do not have a shot at modeling. You should definitely look up legitimate and reputable agencies in your city/state and see what types of photos they ask for as well as what their requirements are. "What ifs" suck so don't punish yourself by not taking a chance and spending years wondering what could have happened. You've got nothing to lose so give it your best. 

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