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Monday, June 28, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #83

Anonymous Wrote:

I understand commercial/print models need to have their own wardrobe for shoots, but do fashion/editorial models ever need to bring an outfit, shoes, or other clothing articles to gigs?
Thank you for all your advice! :) 

Hey, Anonymous! Thanks for the question and kind words--very much appreciated! When it comes to fashion/editorial models, there may be times when models are required to bring one or two items of their own for the shoot. However, most times the nature of these kinds of shoots have all those items covered (big budgets, top clients, large crew, etc.) so chances are the need to supply a shoot with your own stuff for editorial and fashion work will be minimal. It definitely varies from situation to situation--it's always best to be prepared for anything!

I do want to add that not all commercial/print models have to bring their own wardrobe/items to their shoots all the time. Regardless of the type of modeling one does, the decision as to whether a model needs to bring his/her own things solely depends on the nature of the shoot, who the client is, the size of the crew, etc. For example, if the client you are shooting for has a wardrobe stylist on the payroll (and a good budget to work with), they will do all the shopping for the shoot, which means the model will be off the hook (but even then they may ask you to bring a few things just in case--most times they don't even end up using your stuff but it's always best to be over prepared than under prepared). Smaller shoots that don't have a wardrobe stylist usually means the photographer/client will have to make the model responsible for the wardrobe since they do not have anyone assigned to oversee that part of the production.

In my experience, the one item I am regularly asked to bring are shoes. Or if it is a business themed shoot, they'll ask me to bring a nice, black suit jacket. So it varies but the items are definitely not the kind that will break your bank account.

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