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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #352

K.Renee Wrote:

Hi Dania!

I want to start of by saying that I love your blog and it is very helpful. I have a few questions that I have been wanting answers to for the longest. I am currently 19 years old and I am a college athlete. I am an aspiring model/actress as many other people are. I don't have any modeling experience aside from pictures that other people have taken of me and the only acting experience I have so far is an acting class I have taken here at school and I play that I was in here. My first question would be that without a resume that has substance what should I do in regards to contacting agencies. Also, what steps should I take to getting more experience for a resume. I want to start making a name for myself but I just really don't know where to start or what steps to approach. Your advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks. 

Hi, K.Renee! I'm glad my blog has been of use to you and I'm happy you're one of my readers. :-)

Since you are pursuing both modeling and acting, my first recommendation would be that you stick to "Talent Agencies" and not "Modeling Agencies." Talent agencies represent both models and actors and it's easier to kill two birds with one stone by having a single agency sending you out for both types of work. Plus, you'll only have to deal with one contract and one agency commission.

The first place to start would be to look at the submission instructions/requirements for the talent agencies in your area that you're thinking about submitting to. Use the info on those sites as your road map to figure out how you'll tackle the acting experience part. Once you know what each agency wants, then prepare everything accordingly.

You don't need previous experience to break into modeling but with acting, agencies typically like to see that you have some kind of background in acting (which you do) and that you're actively training in your craft. That being said, don't worry about the modeling side of things for now. Focus on strengthening your acting skills. You can actually include your acting workshop and college play in your resume--it counts so don't be afraid to put that on there. Even if that's all you have, it's better than nothing.

The amount of acting experience you have doesn't necessarily reflect on your chances of signing with a talent agency (i.e. if you have no acting experience, that doesn't mean you have no shot at getting an agent). Sign up for acting classes, workshops--whatever is available to you locally. Make sure you know what areas of acting you're interested in and use that to guide you in what training classes you'll pursue (TV, feature film, theater, commercials, etc.). Once you start taking those classes/workshops, add that to your resume, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dania how do I find talent agencies in my area. Modeling agencies aren't interested in me so I want to get into talent agencies as an actress. I have acting experience although I haven't done it in 6yrs. I want to jump back in. How do I go to agencies that turned me down for modeling and tell them I'm an actress. If they've rejected me for one category how do I get them to pick me for another category. Also in regards to modeling natural hair is so in I feel it's too in demand that agencies won't take me. I am considering pressing my hair whenever I visit agencies or send in snap shots. I don't want to perm it because I don't want to deal with those chemicals nor do I want to transition my hair again plus I figure if for whatever reason the agency wants my hair curly I can easily do that. Am I being unreasonable by not wanting to perm my hair but I'm willing to press it I just don't want something permanent done to my hair. I feel being able to switch between curly and straight hair will make me more diverse. Oh and I live in NYC.

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #354." Thanks for reading!