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Monday, April 9, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #354

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania how do I find talent agencies in my area. Modeling agencies aren't interested in me so I want to get into talent agencies as an actress. I have acting experience although I haven't done it in 6yrs. I want to jump back in. How do I go to agencies that turned me down for modeling and tell them I'm an actress. If they've rejected me for one category how do I get them to pick me for another category. Also in regards to modeling natural hair is so in I feel it's too in demand that agencies won't take me. I am considering pressing my hair whenever I visit agencies or send in snap shots. I don't want to perm it because I don't want to deal with those chemicals nor do I want to transition my hair again plus I figure if for whatever reason the agency wants my hair curly I can easily do that. Am I being unreasonable by not wanting to perm my hair but I'm willing to press it I just don't want something permanent done to my hair. I feel being able to switch between curly and straight hair will make me more diverse. Oh and I live in NYC. 

Hi, Anonymous! Below are New York talent agencies you should check out...sometimes the ones that only have "Model/Models" in the agency name also represent actors. If you haven't submitted to any of these yet then you won't have to worry about a double submission from your previous attempts for modeling representation:

Exxcel Modeling and Talent

Hampton Models

CESD Talent Agency

Atlas Talent Agency

Clear Talent Group

Stewart Talent Agency

When submitting to agencies for acting that you already submitted to for modeling, if you want to play things on the safe side, you can wait for the allotted time to resubmit (anyone can submit to agencies as many times as they want but there's usually a certain period of time that agencies recommend doing this so they aren't bombarded with repeat submissions from the same people within a short period of time). Unless that info is stated on the agency website, this is typically 6 months to 1 year but honestly, no one at the agency is going to keep track of that kind of thing so closely so you could actually resubmit for acting representation about 3-4 months after you sent in your modeling submission.

Make sure to note that you want to get into acting (don't mention modeling) and they'll filter your submission to the right person--there are usually different staff members that deal with each category so unless it's a smaller agency, it's not as likely that the same person who saw your materials for modeling will also see your acting submission and put the two and two together. So you shouldn't worry about that so much.

You don't have to mention to any agency that you've already submitted to them before for modeling. They get so many offers from aspiring talent that they're not going to remember everybody. 

It's perfectly okay to press your hair instead of perming it. If it gives you better flexibility with switching back and forth between both styles, that's all that matters so that's definitely an option for you since you're not having much luck with the natural style.

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