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Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Okay to Ask Your Modeling Agent Questions

(This post is for models that have been contacted by an agency for an interview or who have been recently signed...not for models that have yet to hear back from an agency.)

As you probably know by now, answering questions from models and aspiring hopefuls has become a part of my regular routine for quite a few years now. :-)

One thing I've noticed is that sometimes the questions I get are from people who have already been in communication with an agency. It'll be simple stuff like, "I'm scheduled to do my test shoot in a few weeks...what should I wear?" or "I have an interview with an agency soon...what should I bring with me?"

If you have submitted yourself to a modeling agency and they reply back, that means you now have a direct line of communication open. In most cases, you'll be dealing with a specific person at the agency. The good thing about that is you now have someone you can get in touch with directly if you have any questions.

However, the questions or concerns you have should be restricted to whatever you've been talking to that person at the agency about. So to clarify, if you've been contacted by an agency, saying they're interested in meeting you for an interview and they set up a date/time with you, it's okay to ask them what you should wear, bring, etc.

Or if you have recently been signed and you're about to do your test shoot, it's okay to contact your main person/booker at the agency to find out what looks they want, number of outfits, etc.

Emailing me to ask those kinds of questions won't help you too much because I don't work for any agencies and honestly have no idea what they would want from you in that type of situation.

Worried that asking an agent those kinds of questions will make you look like you're clueless? Don't fret--agencies don't expect you to have all the answers or the ability to read their minds, especially if they know that you're a newbie. That's how you learn...by asking questions. There's already been a line of communication established and now that you've got the name and contact info of the person at the agency, use it to your advantage. Usually, the agency will provide you with basic info about what to wear/bring to interviews or what you'll need to prepare for a test shoot. But if you don't receive any of that stuff from them, it's perfectly acceptable to contact them to find out.

There's a big difference between contacting an agency to get your questions answered and bombarding them with questions about everything modeling-related, however.

The bottom line: if you've heard back from an agency or have just signed to one, it's okay to contact them to get clarification on certain things as they relate to your representation/career.

What's not okay is pestering them about stuff that really doesn't matter or things that don't relate to your agency representation/career.

The person you can bombard with any and all questions related to the modeling industry in general: me. Got it? Good! :-)

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