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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dania Denise Mini Meet & Greet

Meet Jackson: an up-and-coming male model that I know is going to do very well in the industry!

Jackson's mom emailed me to ask for help with finding agencies for her son, as well as for my general feedback as to whether or not he had potential. She sent me some snapshots and I liked what I saw and told her so. After giving her the names and websites of agencies for Jackson to check out, she mentioned that if I happened to be in the Sacramento area they would love to meet me in person to thank me for the assistance.

Little did she know that I am based out of Northern California and not far from Sacramento at all! So we quickly set up a mini meet and greet at a local Panera Bread. I had a great time with Jackson and his mom...we talked about any and everything related to the modeling industry and it felt good to be able to answer all of their questions and concerns face-to-face.

I made sure to get a flick of myself with Jackson so that when he hits it big, I'll be able to show I was there from the beginning. lol. :-)
What impressed me most about Jackson is the fact that he's practical, realistic about modeling and doesn't have stars in his eyes. He's got his head on straight and is very mature for his young age (he's 19). He's currently seeking agency representation in Los Angeles (close to where he goes to college) and I know with the right agent, he will be successful.

Although he has the height for fashion and runway, Jackson's more interested in commercial/print, catalog and fitness modeling, which I completely agree with--after all, he works as a Hollister model and was hired by them specifically to attend their castings for new models. He did a test shoot for Hollister and is waiting to find out if he'll be used in their upcoming campaigns. So it seems that either way, modeling will be in his future!

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