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Friday, July 28, 2017

ATTENTION: Ladies 5'6" & Shorter in California!!!

Now that I've got your attention, lol, I wanted to let you know of an opportunity that hopefully will be of interest to those of you on the shorter side who happen to live in California.

Chances are you already know this news if you follow me on social media but for those of you that don't or who only check out my blog for modeling related purposes, I'm pleased to announce that I am the new State Director for the first ever Miss California Petite Pageant!

So if you've ever thought about doing pageants, have done them in the past, always thought you were "too old" or were looking to try something new and see what it's all about, I strongly encourage you to apply because as State Director, I run the show (and you'd be in good hands)!

Essentially, it is my own pageant that I will be producing and putting together so contestants would be interacting with me directly throughout the whole process. To avoid writing a long blog post and getting lost in my words, below is a breakdown of what this all means and how you can be a part of the festivities!

WHAT: Miss California Petite Pageant 2018

WHO: I'm looking for ladies that are 5'6" or shorter in bare feet. You will be wearing heels in the pageant but your true height has to be 5'6" max. There is no size restriction so by "Petite," I'm strictly talking about height. I want women of all shapes and sizes!

There are 4 divisions: TEEN (13-17), MISS (18-26), MS. (24-40) & MRS. (30+).

MS. contestants must be unmarried but may have children. MRS. contestants must be married and may be with or without children. Married contestants under the age of 30 will automatically compete in the MRS. division.

AREAS OF COMPETITION: 1) Swimwear, 2) Evening Gown, 3) Private Interview with the Judges, 4) On-Stage Question (for the finalists). There is NO Talent Portion!

MRS. contestants will not compete in Swimwear and will instead compete in Fun Fashion, where they get to model an outfit of their choice on-stage that reflects their personality and sense of style.

WHEN: The Miss California Petite pageant will take place on April 13 - 15, 2018 (Friday thru Sunday).

WHERE: The host hotel is the Hyatt House in Emeryville, California. Check-in and interviews will take place at the host hotel. The On-Stage Finale Show will take place at the Oakland Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, California.

HOW TO APPLY: You must fill out the registration form to be considered:


My team and I will review all applicants and send an official acceptance email to those that have been selected. After being accepted as a contestant, the registration fee will need to be paid by the set deadline and all contestants will receive email instructions with the next steps, what to expect, a checklist, etc.

WHAT YOU WIN: The details of the prize package are listed on the registration page but in addition to all that, the 4 winners from each division will be trained by me personally to prepare for the National Competition, USA Petite, which takes place in Florida. I will also travel with my titleholders and accommodations will be paid.

If you win at USA Petite, you get a free cruise (you read that right!), with the TEEN and MISS winners going on to compete at the International Competition, Universal Petite, which actually takes place on the cruise ship! The MS. and MRS. winners do not have to compete and get to enjoy the cruise and support their sister queens.

Miss California Petite 2018 is a huge undertaking for me and a passion project I'm devoted to because it is creating experiences and opportunities specifically designed for shorter women (and we all know how tough it can be to get the foot in the door for us "shorties").

Even if you've never thought about pageants and just want to model, remember that winning a pageant opens up a score of networking opportunities, the chance to do a slew of photoshoots, making public appearances and those all open doors to people whose radar you wouldn't be on otherwise.

So take a chance and check it out. Pageants aren't for everyone but being a part of such an experience (and with me taking the lead), I can promise you it will be an unforgettable journey!

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