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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fashion Shows--A Little Reality Check

I'm not writing this entry to dampen anyone's mood or try to change your view but I just figured it would helpful to shed a little light of reality for the young girls/ladies who see fashion modeling/runway modeling as being glamorous.

This type of modeling is really only glamorous for the people watching it! What you see on television is only a fraction of what really goes on. When you model for a fashion show, be warned that the environment is insanely hectic and VERY FAST PACED.

This isn't one of those situations where you're preparing for a photo shoot and get to take your time to make sure every detail is perfect--there is no time to do this in a fashion show.

You have to share a space with a bunch of other girls so you need to try to have some organization with your clothes, shoes and other accessories in the flurry of activity. You will have the fashion show's director or assistant screaming at you to hurry up and put on your clothes, and trust me, they will SCREAM at you to get your fashion butt out on the catwalk in time.

Every second counts and lagging even just a bit can throw off the timing and rotation of the other models. And Heaven help you if there ends up being a few seconds of time where a model doesn't appear. If you were supposed to be where that gap in the line is, chances are you will never work in runway again...or at least with that particular designer.

Be comfortable with your body and being in front of others, because as soon as you step off of the catwalk, you've got to bare all and get naked quick--breasts, butts, you name it--to get in and out of your clothes and into the next outfit as soon as possible.

While dealing with this whole scenario, you also have to remember that when you step onto the catwalk in front of the audience, you've got to be sexy, cool, calm and collected and confident--basically, you need to act as if the director screaming in your face about how you're screwing up his show, never happened. So if you've got a few sensitive or emotional nerves, you may want to step down.

Don't worry, I'm giving you all of the negative stuff up front, but that's not to say that it's all bad, because it isn't. In light of the horrifying picture I just mentally painted for you, there is the great and exhilirating feeling of being in the spotlight and having all eyes on you and the outfit you're sporting.

It's completely fun to be the center of attention in a fashion show while you're strutting your stuff, walking your walk and playing up to the crowd. That part of fashion/runway modeling is indeed a reality--it's just the behind-the-scenes stuff that you need to remember as well.

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