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Monday, February 12, 2007

Modeling Schools

This is a very touchy topic but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I'll post mine.

I believe you can have a successful modeling career without enrolling in a modeling school. There are a number of modeling agencies that frown upon these type of operations for the simple fact that these model hopefuls pay out the nose for training that will not guarantee them representation or a great career. That's the risk factor involved with modeling: it's not guaranteed and is something that either will or will not happen for you. Period.

My reasons for not recommending attending these types of schools is pretty obvious: they charge way too much money, many of them are total ripoffs, in the end you have all this training but it's still ultimately up to you to get an agent.

Many agencies will state that they prefer to sign models that have little to no experience. This gives them the opportunity to mold the model in a way that fits the agency. This also keeps them from having to spend time breaking bad habits. Also, each agency operates differently so it's impossible for a modeling school to teach you all the things you need to know, because it varies.

While you do get the glitz and glamour for a time with photo shoots, auditioning, etc. in the end, you're out of a lot of money. It's so much easier to build yourself up, arrange your own photo shoots and search agencies yourself. But if you are willing to invest the time and money, then so be it.

 For some people, it works better that way and there have been models, actors, etc. who went to modeling schools and had great careers. It's up to you in the end whether you think a modeling school will help your modeling career. I can't say yes or no but in my opinion, I always trust my own efforts than those of someone who has a lot more to gain than I do, especially when money is involved.

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