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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Posing in a Studio

Shooting in a studio can be very intimidating and even frustrates me sometimes because you feel restricted.

Unlike being outdoors, most studios are just plain white in background, or some have pull-down backdrops you can work with but it really isn't the same thing. The other thing about studio shooting is that the camera is solely focused on you. Feel the pressure!

You may hate studio shoots or you may love them. If you're having a hard time getting the hang of posing using a studio setting, here are some suggestions that may give you a better experience:

- Try posing with a prop. Using a chair, stool or whatever objects may be laying around the studio can help you find your bearings and are a great way to warm up with your poses.

- Start off slow. Some simple poses to do by yourself without the aide of props include: one hand on your hip with your weight shifted to one leg, so your hip juts out a little bit; putting both hands on your hips and spreading your feet; 3/4 poses are ideal for studio shoots; crossing your arms in front of your chest; turning your back to the camera and looking over your shoulder.

- Sit down. If the studio floor isn't too dirty, sitting down offers you a score of poses--everything from crossing your legs to laying down on your stomach. Not only do these type of poses give your portfolio a dynamic range, but they're comfy, too!

Whether you end up liking studio shoots or not, you need to practice shooting and posing in that environment. Shooting outdoors won't always be an option and for all types of modeling, especially editorial/fashion and commercial/print, the nature of the shoots will call for being in a studio. Make sure you're ready.

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