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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Walking With Other Runway Models

I recently received a comment on my post, titled “The Runway Walk,” asking if I could briefly talk about how to walk with other runway models. While the comment wasn’t too clear what “walking with other models” meant, I’ll do my best to explain it in this post.

In runway shows, you are one of many models, obviously. Most shows leave each model on his/her own to strut down the catwalk, pose at the end and come back. During this time, the next model is already on his/her way towards the catwalk and you may have to pass by them. Most of the time there is no interaction between two models passing each other on the catwalk.

However, some fashion shows tend to switch things up a bit and may require that you play off of each other while on stage. In this case, you can do anything from giving a playful wink at each other, turning your head to “stare them down” in a playfully competitive way or even give them a hi-five (this is rare, though in high fashion shows).

The majority of fashion shows require models to simply pass each other with no further interaction. During these situations, continue to stay focused and do not let the other model distract you. Maintain your composure as well as your expression and do not lose the tempo you have set in your walk.

Even though catwalks tend to be narrow, there should be plenty of room for two models to walk at the same time…be sure you do not brush against the other model and keep a safe gap of a few inches in between as you pass by.

If for some reason you have to interact with another model during a show, pay attention to their body language and play off of that…the theme of the show and the types of outfits being worn will also determine how you should play off one another.

For female fashion models paired up with a guy model, if the tone is classy and chic, walk arm-in-arm with a graceful air. More edgy and urban? Then don’t be afraid to smile flirtatiously at your partner and walk with a little more sway in your hips. No matter how you are interacting with another model, above all else do not be stiff. Show body language that reflects your comfortability with your partner.

Fashion models tend to go solo while on the catwalk but you do have to remember that there are other models in the show with you. At the end when everyone comes out in a line, keep the tempo and feel free to relax and smile since it is the end of the show and you are no longer required to have your blank stare or fierce expression.


Anonymous said...

thank u very much for the tips. I'm 10 years old and I'm about to graduate from modeling classes. It's was very hard to find this info.

Anonymous said...

thank you soooo much i gust turned 13 and i am with Barbizon USA and we have to make a magazin of what we leared and your blog gave me more helpful tip i can use and these tip got me singed with the Waner Brothers!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this information. i am 15 and i am also in Barbizon modeling. I will be graduating next weekend and i am also trying to finish up my MMM (Model Magic Magazine).